Will Diamond Shaped Logo Ever Rule the World

So, it is time to talk about the diamond shaped logo. We have previously talked about the importance of the circular logo and the trendy square logo. Now it’s time to dive into the knowledge of my favorite shape, diamond. After all don’t the say diamonds are a girls best friend.


In this blog we will discuss the follow: 

  1. The meaning of the diamond shape.
  2. Which Kind Of Companies Go For A Diamond Shaped Logo
  3. Famous Companies With Diamond Shaped Logos
  4. What Diamond shape looks bigger
  5. Brands you would not think that has diamond shaped logos
  6. Cloudy Diamond look for logos
  7. Mistakes not to make
  8. Diamond shaped logo, do the rule the world

To show you that diamond shaped logos can be:

  • Luxourius
  • Memorable
  • The bigger the better
  • The best shape for a high end company
Sparkling diamond shaped logo flower

1. Diamond Shape Symbol Meaning

So, welcome to the sparkling world of diamonds! Did you know that diamonds come in lots of shapes and hues, each with unique meanings? Classic round diamonds never go out of style, while daring princess cuts can add a modern twist to any look. However, white diamonds can range from colorless to slightly yellow, while fancy colored diamonds come in beautiful hues like yellow, pink, and blue.


Most importantly, clear diamonds are highly valued for their purity and brilliance, while colored ones are rare and prized for their brightness. Therefore, selecting the perfect shape and color of your diamond can reflect your personal style, symbolism, and personality. Making your fine jewelry choice even more special. So many options to choose from, the opportunities to express oneself with diamonds are endless!


So why do a lot of company go for a diamond shaped logo? Well let’s find out. 

2. Which Kind Of Companies Go For A Diamond Shaped Logo

First of all, diamond shaped logos are a popular choice in today’s design industry, especially where one wants to show luxury. After all, they exude elegance and sophistication, ideal for upscale brands in fashion, jewelry, cars, or luxury service sectors.


Additionally, they appeal to engineering, construction, and technology companies since they signify strength, accuracy, and superior quality. Companies who incorporate diamond-shaped logos can showcase their exceptionalism while maintaining an exciting and dynamic image. Below you’ll find some of the diamond shaped logos that we have created over the years. Do they rule the world, these companies? Well, probably not, but the companies are delighted with the logos.

Picxlit company opted for a diamond shaped logo with P
Lots of little grey shaped diamond logos for OMNI
Green and grey Mondelis Actuarial
Data square had a diamond shaped logo created by us in blue and green.

3. Famous Companies With Diamond Shaped Logos

Then we have the more famous ones. The companies that we all know and love or hate.

1. Mitsubishi Electric: The diamond-shaped logo of this Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company features three red diamonds in a triangular formation.


2. Alfa Romeo: The diamond-shaped quadrifoglio logo of this Italian luxury car manufacturer. See the link for more interesting facts on the two new logos that the famous car company has revelled this year. 


3. Asus: Third example the logo of this Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company features the company name in black letters surrounded by a diamond. Here we only see the symbol. 


4. Black Diamond: The diamond-shaped logo of this US-based outdoor sports gear company features a black diamond with the company name below it. A b black diamond actually symbolises strong emotional connection and the font used has is a Folio font


5. Last one, The Diamond Council of America: The diamond-shaped logo of this US-based non-profit organization dedicated to teach student show to sell fine jewlry to promote their career, promoting the knowledge, quality, and integrity of diamonds in the industry. 

4. What Diamond Shape Looks Bigger

In a logo, the diamond shape that looks bigger is the elongated diamond shape. The elongated diamond shape is a diamond shape that has a longer top and bottom than the sides. Furthermore, this diamond shape creates the illusion of being larger because our eyes are naturally drawn to longer shapes. Also, elongated diamonds are less common than a regular diamond shape, which makes then more exclusive and expensive, hence a shape often used. 


Another trick to make the diamond look bigger is to use a thicker outline or a gradient fill to create a shadow effect. For instance, this can add depth to the shape. Therefore making it appear more three-dimensional and, therefore, larger. Overall, using an elongated diamond shape with a thicker outline or gradient fill can make the diamond shape in a logo look bigger.

5. Brands You Would Not Think Has Diamond Shaped Logos

Surprisingly, there are quite a few known brands that have unique and recognizable logos that have a chance of rulling the world. However few would guess that some of these logos are actually diamond-shaped. For example, the well-known clothing brand Levi’s has a diamond-shaped logo with two horses on it. Even, French carmaker Renault also has a diamond-shaped logo. Representing four company values – innovation, passion, safety and quality.


Another brand that features the shape in its logo is Quicksilver. You might know that it is a company specializing in surf and snowboarding equipment. So, if you look closely at it the logo features a stylized diamond-shaped wave, reflecting the brand’s coastal origins and adventurous spirit. Apart from these, other brands that might surprise you by having a diamond-shaped logo are mining company De Beers, Italian jewellery brand Buccellati, and the Austrian energy drink company Red Bull. I b et you did not know that. 

6. Cloudy Diamond Look For Logos

Yes, there is such a thing as a cloudy diamond look for logos. This type of design is often used in luxury branding, where diamonds are commonly used as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. So, more importantly, the cloudy diamond look is achieved by incorporating a subtle, opaque texture into the diamond shaped logo design, which gives the appearance of a diamond that has been slightly fogged or clouded over.


Interestingly, this design element can add a sense of depth and visual interest to a logo, while also conveying a sense of exclusivity and prestige. Not surprisingly, the cloudy diamond look is a popular design choice for businesses that want to create a high-end brand image and attract discerning customers who appreciate luxury and refinement.

7. Mistakes Not To Make

When creating a diamond-shaped logo, it’s important to avoid certain design mistakes that can harm your brand’s identity. One of the common mistakes is adding too much complexity. Since the shape is already unique and eye-catching, you don’t need to add too many design elements to it. Keep the logo simple, yet distinctive.


Another mistake to avoid is using too many colors. Like always. Just because you have a diamond shape doesn’t mean you have to make it multi-colored. Simply, stick to one or two colors that complement each other and represent your brand’s personality.


Additionally, make sure the logo is scalable, which means it should look good in all sizes, from a tiny icon to a large billboard. Finally, don’t use this exclusive design just because it is trendy. Keep your brand’s identity and values in mind when designing a logo to make it genuine and lasting. One again, You need to love it. 

8. Will Diamond Shaped Logo Designs Rule The World

No, diamond logos designs do not rule the world and never will. However, they can be powerful symbols of luxury, elegance, and sophistication. Equal to star shaped designs. Above all, the effectiveness of a logo design depends on its ability to convey the values and unique characteristics of the brand it represents, regardless of whether it features a diamond or another symbol.

Additionally, factors such as marketing strategy, product quality, and customer experience ultimately have a greater influence on the success of a brand than its logo design. 

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