A Guide To Ribbon Shaped Logos

To me, and to a lot of people ribbon shaped logos represents femininity and sophistication. A bit of softness if you like. A feminine touch. Understandably also associated with special occasions, like birthday parties. Even for special events in the sports industry. However, I think that the sweet delicate ribbon shape logo is underestimated and could be used for more companies. In fact, I find it in almost every category in The Logo Company’s portfolio.


Over the years, my customers have increasingly chosen this shape over the 10 other popular logo shapes. Even above triangular shaped logos or circular logos. It is not hard to understand why. Let me explain a bit more why I believe you should consider the ribbon shaped logo as well for your brand.

Why Choose Ribbon Shaped Logos

So, ribbon shaped logos are a popular choice for businesses due to their elegant design and feminine nature. Most of all, the curved shape of the ribbon can be used to represent a variety of concepts. For example, as unity, support, and awareness. Furthermore, it can also convey a sense of celebration or achievement, making it an ideal choice for companies in the hospitality and entertainment industry.


When we think of ribbon, we usually think of charitable organizations. For instance a business that wants to communicate it’s business’s commitment to social responsibility. Of course, the design can be customized to suit a variety of color schemes. Therefore making it easy to match a brand’s identity. Additionally, ribbon logos have a timeless quality and can be used across a range of applications from promotional materials to product packaging. Overall, ribbon logos offer businesses a simple yet powerful design that can easily convey their message and values. So, that is why you should consider having a ribbon graphic in your design. 

The Advantages Of The Ribbon Shapes In Design

What are the true advantages of having a ribbon shape logo then?  Well, ribbon shapes are widely used in design because they offer several advantages.

  • Firstly, they are easy to recognize and have a clear visual impact. Making them ideal for branding, logos, and marketing campaigns.
  • Secondly, ribbon shapes can be easily manipulated to fit any design aesthetic, whether it’s modern or traditional. Furthermore, shapes can  be thin or wide, single or multiple, and can be arranged in complex patterns or simple lines.
  • Thirdly, they can help create a sense of movement and flow in design. Just because they can be twisted, turned, and curled to create interesting shapes.
  • Additionally, a ribbon shape is versatile and can be used in a variety of contexts. For example, from graphic design to interior design. They are a timeless design element that can help convey messages or emotions through their unique and recognizable form.

Charity Branding

Most of all, ribbon shapes have become synonymous with charity branding and are used to raise awareness and support for various causes. Let’s take the pink ribbon, for instance, which is the most well-known and is associated with breast cancer awareness. Other colored ribbons are used for different causes such as red for AIDS awareness and yellow for support of our troops. You must have seen these ribbons in promotional materials such as posters, flyers, and social media campaigns. 


Furthermore, companies also use pink ribbons shapes in their branding to show support for certain causes and to build a positive image with consumers. The original story of the pink ribbon is an interesting one. For example, Nike uses a pink ribbon in their branding to support breast cancer research. Overall, ribbon shapes and charity branding have become powerful tools to raise awareness and support for important causes.

The Origins Of Ribbon Shaped Logos

Originally, the first ribbon-shaped logo was created in 1991 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Interestingly, it was designed by Deborah German, who was a recipient of the foundation’s services and a marketing consultant. Most of all, the ribbon shape was chosen because it is a symbol of the struggle against breast cancer.  Representing the courage and strength of those who fight against the disease. I’m sure you have seen that the logo features a pink ribbon on a white background.


Above all, it became an immediate symbol of hope and awareness for breast cancer. Another meaning that came along eventually was that the ribbon also became a fundraising tool for the foundation and has since been adopted by numerous organizations and causes worldwide. Understandably, the ribbon shape has become a powerful visual motif, representing support and advocacy for a wide range of social causes.

Examples Of Famous Logos With Ribbons

When it comes to successful logo designs, incorporating ribbons has proven to be a popular choice among many brands and organizations. Some of the world’s most iconic logos feature the elegant touch of a ribbon, bringing a sense of sophistication and grandeur to their image.


For instance, just take a look at the famous Coca-Cola branding, where a beautifully swooping ribbon is incorporated underneath the main typography. Another example can be found in the Chevrolet brand logo, where a luxurious gold ribbon wraps around the signature bowtie emblem, adding a touch of grandiosity to the design.


Similarly, the Girl Scouts of America have occasionally utilized a blue ribbon in their logo, with the words “Girl Scouts” written on it. Therefore, conveying a sense of excellence and prestige inherent within their organization. Even the NFL’s Super Bowl logo relies on a ribbon to highlight the roman numerals representing the year of the game. However, Super Bowl logos have changed dramatically over the years. 


Beyond the prestige factor, incorporating a ribbon into a logo design is also an excellent way to add an extra layer of elegance and sophistication to a brand. The UPS logo, for instance, features a gold ribbon underneath the sharply defined brown shield emblem. Sowing off a sense of luxury and quality that the brand has come to be associated with. Truly, ribbons have become an emblematic and effective way for brands to attractively convey their values and unique personality.

The Logo Company’s Sophisticated Designs 

When I take look at our portfolio for ribbon shaped logos then I see that the logos are popular in every category. For example, I would like to divide then into two groups. Masculine logo designs and feminine logo designs. 

Masculine Ribbon Shaped Logo Designs

Firs of all, masculine ribbon-shaped logo designs are an elegant and effective way to showcase a brand’s strengths and values. More importantly, these logos often feature clean lines, bold typography, and a simple color palette to convey a sense of strength, power, and confidence. Some popular industries that tend to use this style of logo include fashion, sports, and business.


When designing a masculine ribbon-shaped logo, it’s essential to consider the branding message. Usually done  by theo choice of color, font, and style of the ribbon. Overall, the color should be carefully selected to communicate the company’s personality. Also typography should be bold and impactful. Crucially, you need a strong masculine font that is easy to read will also help reinforce the company’s message and values. Do not underestimate the role of typography in a logo.


Overall, a well-designed masculine ribbon-shaped logo can help a brand stand out and make a memorable impact on consumers. For instance, it can create a sense of great pride by establishing an emotional connection with its target audience.

Pride Festival ribbon shaped logo. A pirate in black and orange background. The ribbon is for an even and it says Pirate Festival
Security logo in the shape of a ribbon underneath a german shepard
School logo with two ribbon shapes. Two lions holding up abadge. Royal looking logo for a music school

Feminine Ribbon Shaped Logo Designs

Most importantly, the ribbon’s looped shape symbolizes support and solidarity among women. Usually worn as a pin or a badge to show one’s commitment to the cause. In particular, the pink ribbon has become the international symbol for breast cancer awareness. More so with various organizations using it to promote education, screening, and support for those affected by the disease. Of course, the feminine ribbon shaped designs are a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of women, and their enduring fight for equality and empowerment.

Feminine ribbon shaped logo for this Tea company. Two unicorn holding a crown and and a badge
Mossy creek has a feminine look with lots of colors and a visible barn at the top
A farm graphic with two cows in a green field. Feminine and warm feeling

Is It A Choice Today For Only Charities?

No, ribbon shaped logos are not just a choice for charities. While they are commonly used by charities to raise awareness for a particular cause, such as the pink ribbon for breast cancer, ribbon logos can also be used by any organization or business. 


In recent years, ribbon logos have become a popular way for companies to show support for social or political causes. Mostly, to align themselves with certain values or beliefs. For example, a company might use a rainbow ribbon logo during Pride Month to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Even a green ribbon logo to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability. More and more the use of ribbon shaped logo become the first choice for companies all over the world. 


What used to be only associated with charities is now attractive to any organization or business that can use them as a powerful symbol of their values and beliefs. Why don’t you try it for your branding? Contact me at TLC and I can tell you more about the different logo shapes.

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