How To Remove The White Background From A Logo

How do you do it? Remove white background from a logo? Well, it’s not as hard as removing an embroidered logo but it does have it’s own challenges. Don’t despair. In this step-by-step guide we will explaine it. First of all, a logo with a background is fine when the color matches your website. But when testing mobile responsiveness and placing logos on sites with different backgrounds, a white background on a logo can affect your visuals and make the website look badly designed. In fact, nearly 50% of web users base their decision on website credibility on a site’s design and aesthetics.

This article will share everything you need to know about how to remove a white background from logos. Learn about easy logo background removal with this easy to follow guide.

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How To Remove The White Background Using Photoshop

So, if you created a logo in Photoshop and you have a background, you can carry out logo background removal by taking the following steps:

1. Use The Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand Tool on Photoshop helps you select areas of an image with one click. The tool is an icon on the left hand side of the screen, or can be found by selecting W on the keyboard.

2. Select The Background

The first step of how to remove a white background from a logo is to use the wand tool to select the background. A white dotted line will appear around the screen, which indicates that the background has been selected. If another area of the image is selected this means you have clicked on part of the image instead.

3. Collect All The Background Color

Sometimes, a logo will have gaps in lettering or images where the rest of the background color will appear. Navigate to Select > Similar to pick up all the elements of the background.

4. Mask The Background

Once you have selected all the elements of the background, navigate to Select again but instead navigate to Inverse and then Mask. This will then remove the background. You should see a checkerboard effect behind it indicating it is now transparent.

How To Export To Remove Images With A Logo Background Removal

Sometimes, when you export an image from Photoshop or other sources, you will see that the white background is reinstated. That is because you need to ensure that the image is web-friendly.

Navigate To File > Export and ensure you select Export for web to get it to save as a web friendly file.

Then you can save the file as a PNG-24 and make sure that the transparency is checked to ensure it exports as a transparent file.

How To Remove White Background From Logos Using Online Resources

Are you trying to carry out logo background removal from an image you have already received? Fortunately there are a number of free in addition to Photoshop that can help you carry out this task. The following resources should be able to help you remove a white logo from your background:


Adobe has a free online tool for removing white backgrounds. You simply upload the logo and click remove background to enjoy a logo background removal.



Canva has a background remove accessible to users of the Canva Editor. You will need to click on Edit > Image and then select Background Remover and Erase. You can click apply to save the changes if you are happy.



Shutterstock offers an online photo editor that allows you to remove backgrounds with the click of a button. You will however need to register to access this feature.

There are many online resources available, however, these will never be as perfect as partnering with a logo design expert.

Considerations For White Background Removal

If you are having difficulties with how to remove a white background from a logo, consider the following:


  • Find a high quality image with no overlap to ensure no other content gets inadvertently removed.
  • Is the background still present in between letters? Make sure you have selected Select > Similar on Photoshop as this will identify content with similar colors from the background.
  • If your image is still not transparent on your website, make sure you’ve exported it correctly and that transparent is selected when you export.

Final Thoughts On How To Remove The White Background From A Logo

When you are editing a logo to remove the background, it can be fiddly. Photoshop has several steps you can follow, and as long as you export the image in a web friendly format, it should retain its transparency on your website.


Furthermore, there are also several online resources available to help you remove backgrounds, like Adobe, Canva and Shutterstock. These aren’t always perfect however, and you risk removing overlapping content that impacts the meaning of the image or logo.


Are you looking for advice on designing your logo? Contact us for support today or begin your order to enjoy compelling logos with transparent backgrounds.

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