7 Outdoor Branding Tips for Your Hiking Logo Design

Do you need a hiking logo design? Well, the vacation season is approaching, which means that people will be looking for the right hiking companies to arrange their travel.

Man Standing on a Rock. To attract hikers you need an attractive hiking logo

In recent years, there have been a plethora of travel companies offering their services in selecting trips and planning vacations. In order to encourage potential customers to turn to your hiking company, it is necessary that all elements of your company’s corporate identity harmoniously adjust to each other. See our travel logo portfolio for more inspirational designs. Only this way can they encourage people to entrust you with their vacation. 

Creating a logo for a hiking company is supposed to inspire people to travel, show the breadth of your capabilities, and make the client dream of beautiful sights, distant exotic countries, or the tops of snow-capped mountains at the mere sight of your logo.

What Should You Think About Before Ordering A Hiking Logo?

It’s time to discuss the development of original logos for companies operating in the travel industry. After all, everyone understands that a lot depends on the logo; even a business cannot be built without one. You also need to remember that creating a logo is the face of a company, a brand. Therefore, when a hiking logo is created, it is immediately used as a trademark, and any company, even a start-up, cannot do without it.

Strangely enough, almost all customers who contact our logo design team with a request to create a hiking logo do not ask for mountains, snow, forests, or other hiking attributes. But when asked what should be depicted on the hiking logo, they simply cannot give a clear answer. They need something original that no one else has.

Pay Attention To Details When Creating A Hiking Logo

When you develop a corporate identity and logo, as well as think about the design of a website, you need to pay attention to all the details and not forget anything. Only if you take into account all possible factors will a hiking company acquire its own unique and inimitable style. Moreover, the visual component often plays a key role in the development of a company’s business.

You should always remember that the development of a logo for hiking companies is carried out not only to attract new customers but also to position the company itself. Future customers will choose a hiking company based on the logo. We can help you create a truly unique hiking logo that will attract new customers and be able to compete with experienced and venerable partners in this service market.

In our opinion, every travel agency that is just starting to enter the travel services market should first take care of its appearance. The company’s corporate identity should reflect the specifics of its work and even show the region where the tours will be provided. Our logo design team will create a harmonious unity of all components and colors on the logo, and we can even use architectural and cultural monuments of a particular region.

7 Tips For Your Hiking Logo Design

Now let`s discuss 7 top tips to create an awesome hiking logo design.

People Walking on Road Near Trees at Daytime Photo

Hiking is entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyment

The elements of a hiking company’s corporate identity should evoke positive emotions, anticipation of happiness. Get ideas from nature. This is one of the key points that the best logos of this line of business never miss.

Hiking companies primarily sell the emotion of carefree. However you do need to consider your customer. If your clientele is independent people traveling for business purposes, you should not include images of happy people sunbathing on the beach. Business travelers are more likely to be interested in a photo of a high-end hut-to-hut trekking or an expensive car in the background of the mountain.

The classic set of items that evoke emotions of happiness are beach accessories, sea, sun, water, greenery, trees, water parks, and sports entertainment.

Be original and consider cultural relevance

In a saturated market, standing out is essential. Avoid clichés and generic symbols commonly associated with outdoor brands. Instead, strive for originality and creativity in your logo design. A distinct and unique outdoorsy logo will help your brand carve its own identity in the competitive outdoor industry. 

If your hiking brand caters to a specific region, for instance, some Austrian destinations like Kaiserkrone, you may feel free to consider incorporating elements of local culture into your logo design. This could include indigenous motifs, traditional patterns, or landmarks that resonate with your target audience and reflect the brand’s roots.

A memorable logo leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Conduct informal surveys or focus groups to gauge the effectiveness of your logo design. Ask participants to recall and describe your logo after seeing it briefly. Feedback from these exercises can help you refine your design to maximize memorability.

Place matters

When planning a hiking trip, people usually have a certain destination or vacation format in mind. Accordingly, your hiking company’s logo should be based on certain tourist destinations. This will increase the likelihood that potential customers will stop at your company when choosing a hiking tour company, seeing on your logo exactly where they plan to go.

This solution is great for hiking companies cooperating with a particular country, selling trips of a particular format, such as extreme hiking tourism, or traveling to Asian countries.

Incorporate motion and dynamism

Hiking is an active and dynamic pursuit. We recommend you consider incorporating elements that convey movement and energy into your logo. This could be represented through the use of:

  • Flowing lines

  • Dynamic shapes

  • Symbols that evoke a sense of forward momentum

Your hiking logo design must capture the excitement and adventure of the hiking experience.

Choice Of Color Scheme For Your Hiking Logo

The development of any company’s corporate identity can not be considered professional if it does not pay due attention to the selection of corporate colors. Colors not only reveal the company’s corporate features but also broadcast certain emotions and evoke associations, which may further affect the client’s final decision.

The best travel destination logos are always bright, as they reflect the quality of the experience of traveling. Usually, developing a hiking agency’s brand identity uses cheerful colors such as yellow, red, blue, and green. These colors are full of energy and positive emotions, which is exactly what you want to convey to potential clients. A combination of several bright colors will show the diversity of travel and the vastness of the choice of destinations.


The company’s new corporate identity involves the choice of fonts for the logo, as well as for the main text of catalogs, advertisements, and brochures. Usually, the logos of hiking companies use handwritten, playful fonts. This approach is characteristic of companies that focus on travelers, for whom the main thing in the rest is pleasure, rather than learning the culture and experience of distant countries.

If your company is set up to work with business-class clients, a more classic and elegant font solution will be more suitable.

Think long-term

While it’s tempting to follow current design trends, consider the longevity of your logo. Aim for a timeless design that won’t quickly become outdated. Your logo should evolve with your brand but retain its core elements to maintain continuity and brand recognition over time.

A cluttered logo can dilute your brand message. Aim for simplicity in design, focusing on clean lines and minimalistic elements. A simple logo is more versatile and memorable, making it easier for customers to recognize and recall your brand.

Also, remember that your logo will appear on various platforms and materials, from websites to merchandise and signage. Ensure that your logo is scalable and works well in both color and black-and-white formats. A versatile logo adapts seamlessly to different contexts without losing its impact.

Two Person Wearing Hiking Shoes with no hiking logo

Let's Summarize

First, the design of a hiking company’s logo depends on its orientation. The main product of the travel industry is impressions, and your trademark should convey the positive emotions associated with traveling. The choice of fonts, themes, and elements relies on your target audience, the main format of the hiking trips you sell, and the potential client’s budget.

If you lack design expertise, consider hiring our professional design agency to create your hiking logo. Our experienced designers have the skills and knowledge to translate your brand vision into a visually compelling and effective logo that captures the essence of hiking and resonates with your target audience.


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