Nature Logo Ideas: Inspiring Designs for Your Brand

Exploring Stunning Nature Logo Ideas

To base your design on nature logo ideas should be easy right? In fact, to try to craft a nature inspired logo can be a captivating journey. It’s fairly easy to draw inspiration from the nature around you, regardless of where you live. Just take your mobile with you and go for a walk outside. Breath in and nature logo ideas will just pop up in your mind. 

Nature logo ideas can be like the shape of this bench by the sea in Torekov Sweden.

Elements That Shape Nature Logo Ideas

There are of course different elements to nature logo ideas. Most of all a new design will requires a balance of organic elements and modern design.

The most obvious elements of nature when it comes to logo ideas and inspirations are:

  • Flowers and their vibrant colors
  • Shapes of nature, like for example trees and hills.
  • Serene landscapes and sense of harmony
  • Gentle curves and earthy tones

So, some nature logo ideas might include vibrant colors, and super looking flowers. Spring is a great time of the year to get out there and get inspired. The serene landscapes of a valley is another gentle inspiration for a nature logo.



By thoughtfully integrating elements like leaves, flowers, trees, or flowing water, designers can create  your company’s connection to the natural world. Professional designers can skillfully blend natural motifs with modern typography and minimalist graphics. As a result, you get a logo that is both visually appealing and conceptually meaningful.

When you take a closer look at all the different logo design shapes that you can see in nature you will be surprised at the results. In fact, there are many similarities with the great big companies logos. Nature is always in harmony and so you should try to add a sense of environmental consciousness to your nature inspired logo ideas. Therefore do experiment with fluid shapes and gentle curves that you can see around you to create a logo that you love.

How to Creatively Design a Nature Logo

You have to start your nature logo somewhere. So, once you have been outside, taken some photos and gotten inspired it is time to get going. Start by exploring organic shapes, textures, and colors that you see in your pictures. You want to add a sense of the outdoors. Actually outdoor logos comes form nature logo ideas.

Don’t forget to experiment with negative space to highlight the natural forms. This is useful and effective with a minimalist style for a clean, modern look.

As usual, ensure that the logo is versatile and can be used across various social media channels. All the way from digital to print. 

The Importance of Nature-Themed Logos

Nature themed logos are more than just good looking. Actually, they tell a deeper message about a company’s values and commitment to sustainability. Logos from nature logo ideas connect businesses with the natural world. Furthermore, by incorporating natural elements, such as leaves, trees, or wildlife, companies can be different and appeal to eco-conscious consumers. In an era where environmental consciousness is increasingly important for obvious reasons. Its easy to see why nature logos have become a powerful tool for businesses to show their commitment to the planet and their customers.

Creating a Unique Nature Logo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Above all use a thoughtful approach when creating a logo from nature logo ideas. Follow these 10 steps to design a nature logo ideas inspired logo that reflects elements of the natural world.

1. Explore nature’s elements: For instance, observe the shapes, textures, and colors found in the environment.


2. Identify your brand’s essence: Secondly, determine the core values and personality.


3. Sketch your ideas: Thirdly, experiment with various nature inspired motifs, from abstract forms to realistic illustrations.


4. Incorporate symbolic elements: Do consider incorporating symbolic elements like leaves, trees, or animals to connect with your customers better.


5. Play with typography: For example, pair your nature logo ideas designs with a complementary typeface that enhances the overall aesthetic.


6. Experiment with color palettes: For instance, use earthy, organic hues that evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony. Check out our color emotion guide for more information. 


7. Refine and iterate: Crucially, continuously refine your design. Look for feedback and making adjustments until you achieve the perfect balance. This is time consuming but worth it. 


8. Test your logo: Of course, ensure your logo is versatile. That you have optimal logo dimensions and can it can be effectively applied across various mediums and platforms.


9. Finalize your design: Ultimately, once you’re satisfied with the result, finalize your logo and prepare it for implementation. 


10. Celebrate your creation: Lastly, take pride in your unique nature inspired logo and use it to understand your brand’s image and identity.

Inspiring Examples

When considering using nature themed logos look at the many companies and brands across different industries that incorporate nature elements into their logos.


Here are some inspiring examples of nature logos that do not include the most famous ones like Nike or Apple. 

  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF): The WWF’s logo is simple yet iconic. Featuring a black and white panda, which is not only an endangered species but also shows the organization’s commitment to wildlife conservation.

  • The North Face: The North Face’s logo is inspired by Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The design is minimalist but effectively communicates a connection to the great outdoors and adventure.

  • Patagonia: The outdoor clothing and gear brand Patagonia uses a logo inspired by the stunning landscape of Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia. Showing off a beautiful silhouette of the mountains. The colorful background suggests a sunrise or sunset. This reflects the brand’s emphasis on the natural world.

  • Animal Planet: The Animal Planet logo often features animal imagery, including different species in its variations. Typically combining text with simple animal illustrations.

  • Whole Foods Market: Incorporates a leafy green element in its design. Showing off the company’s focus on natural and organic products. Furthermore, the green color and plant imagery give a sense of freshness and nature.

Aggressive Nature Logos

Aggressive nature logo ideas can come from dead trees.Image of a dead fallen tree

Aggressive nature logos often incorporate bold imagery and striking designs. This in itself is great for nature logo ideas. Inspiration can be taken from a dead fallen trees or even from natural catastrophes. Interestingly predators inspire because they preserve existing animal species. Rotten and dead can become the proof of power. These logos can be particularly impactful in industries such as sports, outdoor adventure, or technology.

Examples of design elements that can contribute to an aggressive nature-themed logo are the use of:

Predatory Animals: Icons featuring animals known for their strength and dominance. Like for example, lions, eagles, or wolves. These beautiful animals can bring a sense of aggression and authority to your design. 


Sharp Lines and Edges: Logos with angular shapes, jagged lines, or pointed elements can suggest intensity and aggression. Interestingly also shows giving movement and energy.


Bold Color Schemes: Using intense, contrasting colors like deep reds, blacks, or dark blues can amplify the aggressive tone of a logo.


Fierce Vegetation: Incorporating elements like sharp thorns, spikes, or twisted, rugged branches into the design can create a visually striking and intimidating look. (See image) 


Dynamic Motion: Logos that use diagonal lines, curved forms, or patterns that suggest speed. Even motion which in itself shows power.


Eye-catching Animal Imagery: An aggressive logo taken from natures logo ideas might depict a fierce animal in action. Like for example, a hawk swooping down or a bear rearing up. All signs of dominance.


Intense Expressions: Facial expressions of animals, such as a snarling wolf or an eagle with piercing eyes, can add a layer of aggression and assertiveness to the logo.

Pushing the Boundaries of Design

In nature you can push the boundaries quite a bit. It’s easy to get inspired by nature logo ideas as all you need to do is look around you. For instance, you can use an intertwining of plant roots forming letters or an intricate network of rivers weaving through a brand name could create memorable designs. The examples below are both from our landscaping portfolio

The letter e intertwined with the branch. Ideas taken from the nature
The Letter H has a brach going through it. Nature logo inspired

Wrapping Up

We have come to wrapping up this nature logo ideas article. If you are a company that is trying to connect with nature then all you need to do is go out. Look around, beauty is everywhere in nature. Be inspired by fallen dead trees or dried up lakes. Creative outdoorsy logo designs inspired by natural elements such as plants, animals, landscapes, and the environment are just so beautiful and live on forever in customer’s minds.

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