Bringing Your Publishing Company from Good to Great

Publishing companies have a huge responsibility in the business market. They are the ones responsible for publishing someone’s work for mass production. This can happen through a variety of genres such as books or music. Publishing companies will work as the in between for artists and the consumer. Artists such as writers produce the content, however this cannot be distributed to a mass market unless it goes through a publishing company. Customers cannot access products in a mass market if there is no publishing company that is releasing their work. Thus, publishing companies play a huge part in the delivery of a product between the artist and the customer.

Because of the high demand for publishing companies, the market can quickly become saturated. This is where your publishing company will fall through the cracks without great marketing and branding techniques. To bring your publishing company from good to great, it is imperative to assess your existing strategies and outcomes. From there, you can implement effective methods that align best your needs as a business.

In this blogpost we have summarized the most important things for you and your publishing company to go from good to great!

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How to Identify if Your Publishing Company Needs Work

One key factor that you want to keep in mind is your level of engagement with your customer base. Examine your strategies to see if you are doing what is necessary to keep them engaged on a regular basis. If you do not have a solid plan, your publishing company can quickly see a decline. When it comes to your employees, you should be looking at your retention rate. If your turnover is high, it makes it difficult to keep consistent values and practices in place. When you have experienced and happy staff, productivity and customer satisfaction will also come with that!

Another thing that is important to note when looking at your publishing company’s success is through your referral status. Are clients referring other clients to you on a regular basis? If not, then you may want to re-evaluate your systems. This will help you figure out how to get clients positively talking about you and telling other potential clients about you.

How to Engage with More Clients of Your Publishing Firm

Engagement is key when it comes to acquiring and keeping contacts of a publishing firm. Therefore it is advantageous to know the necessary tips and tricks to boost your business!


Establish a Feedback Culture With Your Clients

One of the best ways to figure out how you are doing with your client base is through feedback. You must ask yourself if you have a plan in place that requests feedback from clients. If you do not, then you should be implementing one as soon as possible. The ones who experience your work product are your clients and you want to know how they feel about doing business with you. If you finished publishing a book for a client, it would be a good idea to ask them to fill out a survey indicating how well you delivered this product. Feedback is always very useful for companies in determining their quality of service in the eyes of their customers.

Build Up a Strong Team in Your Publishing Firm

Publishing companies should also have a strong and professional workforce. Hiring high-quality employees will always ensure that your business work ethic is in place and your


customers are receiving the best level of service. Engaging with your clients also has to do with your strong presence that you have online. The world is full of advancements in technology and quick information. It is essential that your publishing company has a dominant presence in the online world. Have an innovative and attractive website that other companies can refer to in order to attract more customers. Check out our blog post where we explain how you can generate more traffic for your website! Also spreading the word on different social media channels about your publishing firm can assist you in reaching new potential clients and engaging with your community.

Good Relationships With Great Partners

It would also be ideal for you to have good relationships with big online marketplace leaders such as Amazon or GoodReads. These are the biggest marketplace vendors especially for electronic books. Maintaining positive engagement with them will help make your processes much smoother when publishing material in the online world for clients. If you are a music publishing company, try to maintain positive relationships with music streaming services such as Apple Music or Spotify.

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Creating a Logo for Your Publishing Company

It goes without saying that a strong logo for any business will definitely help with your marketing and branding strategies. Logos help to represent your company. They reveal what your company values as well as visually representing your product and/or service. With this in mind, your logo should be purposeful and align with your company goals and ideas. Big publishing companies have built such a strong reputation that their logos are now iconic enough to be recognized without their company name attached to them.

Your logo needs to appeal not only your customers but your business partners as well. Businesses are constantly collaborating with other partners. This helps to increase efficiency and they take advantage of the variety of resources that they all bring to the table.Your logo design can impact other companies’ decision to collaborate with your publishing company. It can be the eye-catching hook that causes them to research more about your publishing company and what it can do. The logo company can assist you in designing your logo for your company!

Wrapping it up:

The world of publishing is a unique one. Your publishing company has one important job. It can deliver to a variety of different client bases. If you are a music producing company, you may be approached by different genres of musical artists who are looking to mass-produce their art to the consuming public. For book publishing companies, you have customers that range from informational texts to popular non-fiction books on the market.

Because your clientele is so diverse, it is important that you enlist in effective marketing and branding strategies in order for your publishing firm to be successful. Each client will have different demands so it is vital that you stay up-to-date with market trends and meet their needs. You need to reflect and evaluate the current systems that you have in place and see if they align with what is needed to compete in such a dominant market. Once you have done this and implemented strategies with fidelity, you will then be able to take your publishing company from good to great!

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