The Super Star Logo Shape

Why Choose A Star Logo Shape

Little colorful stars falling out of a glass jar symbolizing Star shaped logos

First of all a super start logo shape is fun! Most of all if kind of says spirit, wonder an aspiration. Furthermore, people have always been fascinated by stars and in different cultures it has different meanings. However, the one thing in common is that it a powerful symbol. Something or someone to look up to, if you like. Therefore, a star logo shape is an excellent choice for companies looking for a distinctive and winning brand image.


Previously we have discussed different shapes like square, circular designs, diamond and ribbon shaped logos. 


Here we will discuss a few of the advantages of having a star shaped logo, like for example, the origins of the star shape and it’s simplicity. Also touching on the vesatility of the star logo and why fitness companies love it. Finally we will talk about the star marking system where the stars represent the reputation of companies in social media. 

The Origin Of The Star Shape

Interestingly, the origins of the star shape is not entirely clear. For every culture it seems to mean different things.  Some people even speculate that star-shaped symbols may have been inspired by astronomical phenomena. Particularly notable stars such as Sirius or Betelgeuse.

In ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, stars were often associated with deities and were seen as powerful and divine. Another meaning for the five-pointed star has been linked to the five elements in Eastern philosophies. Christianity symbolism adds yet another meaning with the biblical story of the star guiding the wise men to Bethlehem.


In more recent times, the star shape has become a popular motif in pop culture and design, used for everything from logos to tattoos. The 5 star shaped tattoo symbol commonly has the meaning of protection and guidance. Ultimately, the star shape’s origins likely derive from a combination of cultural and mythological influences throughout history.


Understandably, stars have long been synonymous with guidance and direction. Making them especially ideal for companies providing services related to navigation or education. Furthermore, this symbol evokes a sense of trust. Even  dependability, which is essential for companies looking to establish a loyal customer base.


After all, the star’s association with excellence and achievement makes it an equally compelling choice for brands looking to highlight their quality and expertise. So, the origins of stars can take many meanings depending on who you are and where you come from. 

The Simplicity Of The Star Shaped Logo

Did you know that the star shaped logo is super popular worldwide and is one of the most recognized symbols out there? Probably because, its minimalist style makes it so easy to recognize and remember. Furthermore, the star shape is so unique, it can represent a wide range of meanings, concepts and values. Plus, it’s just so pleasing to look at.  So much balance and symmetry make it such a beautiful design element! You’ll see star logos in many different industries like fitness, fashion, sport automobiles,  sports, and even politics. Some have 5 points other 8 point stars. 


What’s more, the five points of a star can represent different aspects, such as nature, innovation, or diversity. Depending on the company’s values and objectives. For example, this added layer of meaning can help brands connect with their customers. On a more of a winning level. So, the star shaped logo is a versatile design that can help establish and reinforce brand awareness and recognition for any organization. Making it simple than a ribbon shaped logo for example.

Versatility Of The Star Logo

Well, the star logo. Actually a timeless emblem that carries with it a wealth of meaning and memories. More so, it’s incredible versatility has allowed it to transcend industries and become a symbol of excellence and accomplishment. Therefore, it’s amazing how this logo shape can convey so many different winning concepts.


Not surprisingly is it not only popular in the fitness sector but also in a true icon of the entertainment industry. Instantly evoking images of glamour and fame. And in the world of cars, there’s simply no better symbol to convey speed, precision, and dynamic performance. In other words, to show a winner.


The many different shapes and forms of the star logo only add to its charm, ensuring that it remains an enduring and recognizable image wherever it appears. For those of us with a nostalgic streak, the star logo serves as a comforting reminder of times past, while still being every bit as relevant and impactful today as it was when it first made its mark on the world. 


Most importantly, stars are versatile and come in different shapes and colors, allowing brands to customize their logos to match their unique identities. Whether you want a traditional five-pointed star or a more modern interpretation, there is a star logo shape that can suit your needs. With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why a star-shaped logo is a great choice for any business looking to create a lasting impression.

Colors for Star Logos

Depending on the intended message of the logo, different color combinations might be suitable. For example, a blue star surrounded by a white circle might convey a sense of peace and security, while a yellow and orange star might evoke feelings of warmth and energy. Some classic combinations that work well with star-shaped logos include blue and silver, red and gold, or green and white.

A Superstar For Gym And Fitness Companies

Jess Camp fitness logo in the shape of a star in pink.

Gym and fitness companies use the star shaped logo for a variety of reasons. One possible reason is that the star is often associated with strength, endurance, and achievement. Usually, all qualities that are highly valued in the fitness industry. Additionally, the star shape is visually striking and memorable. Making the shape an effective branding tool. Interestingly, it can also be seen as a symbol of guidance and direction, which can be interpreted as a reflection of a gym’s role in helping people achieve their fitness goals.


Overall, the star shaped logo can help gym and fitness companies establish a strong brand identity and connect with their customers.

The Logo Company has created a few fitness logo designs in the shape of a star and it continues to be a popular shape. 

The Car Industry

Car badges with stars and star shapes

One of the most famous companies with a star-shaped logo is Mercedes-Benz. The logo consists of a three-pointed star inside a circle, representing the company’s domination of the land, sea, and air transportation industries

Originally, the Mercedes-Benz star logo was first designed in 1909 by Gottlieb Daimler’s business partner, Paul Daimler. Mostly, using the star as the symbol of “universal motorization”. Intended to represent the company’s domination of land, sea and air. In 1916, the company registered the 3-pointed star as its trademark. Even more prominent after the merger of Daimler with Benz in 1926.

Furthermore, the logo was also used in the company’s racing cars and became an iconic symbol of automotive engineering and luxury. Throughout the years, the star logo has evolved to fit with modern design trends. However, the fundamental shape of the three-pointed star has remained consistent. Today, the star is recognized worldwide as a symbol of top-of-the-line automobile design and engineering excellence.

Star Shaped Entertainment Logos

So, one example of Star-shaped logos is Paramount Pictures’ mountain peak surrounded by stars. Let’s also mention Warner Bros.’ emblem in the shape of a star.  Both very popular logos in the entertainment industry. Other notable examples include the NBC peacock logo, which displays a feather in the shape of a star, and the MGM lion logo sitting on a large star. Last example, the Sony Pictures logo, with a black and white star with “Sony” written across the center. These logos have become widely recognized and associated with some of the most prominent figures in show business.

Star Symbols And Social Media

Star shaped logos are commonly used in social media as a symbol of recognition and appreciation.  For example on social media platforms such as Twitter, Google, Instagram, Trustpilot, Facebook and even Yelp use the star shape to denote likes. Even favorites, ratings, and reviews respectively. Here then, the star has become a universal symbol of endorsement, and users are increasingly relying on stars to determine the popularity and reputation of a product, service or even an individual.


For instance, a five-star review on Yelp is a clear indication that the business is reputable and worth visiting. However, a five-star rating on Uber indicates that the driver provides exceptional service. Overall, the star shape logo has become a critical feature of modern-day social media. More so, providing an easy and universally understood way of expressing feedback and support.

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