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Let’s face it; selecting the right logo for your business is one of the most important assignments that any entrepreneur ever faces. It isn’t just a design that sits on your website homepage or printed letterheads. It defines the identity of your brand and is the foundation for building awareness and developing a strong marketing strategy. Caricature design is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching and popular solutions.

Here at The Logo Company, our experts have completed hundreds of caricature style logo design projects (as you can see from our portfolio) for brands across an extensive range of industries. Here’s all you need to know about character design logos to determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

What is caricature style logo design?


Caricature style logos, also known as character logos, are essentially a form of mascot logo in which a cartoon logo is used to represent the company or brand. While they can be fictitious characters, many small companies now opt for caricatures of themselves.


The cartoon designs will often utilize exaggerated features and use bold color schemes for a striking appearance. However, there are plenty of artistic styles to consider, such as;


  • Line art drawings.
  • 2D cartoons.
  • 3D caricatures.
  • Multiple character caricatures.
  • Animal or fictional character designs.


Given that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, several graphic-based logos styles have become extremely popular at a time when consumers interact with more brands than ever before. Caricature is one that has seen a huge upturn in recent years.


The benefits of character design logos


Caricature style logo design allows businesses to show themselves in a playful yet professional manner, which is naturally suited to a range of business sectors and niche target audiences. Character design has subsequently become one of the hottest trends. 


However, the appeal of caricature logo design isn’t simply a case of following the latest trend. There are many reasons why a business may wish to choose this logo style, including but not limited to;


  • Caricature designs can break down language barriers as people can quickly analyze the imagery to see exactly what the company does. For example, the character design for a plumbing business can incorporate a plunger.
  • The character logos will look fantastic across all printed and digital media. From promotional t-shirts to social media icons or stationery. The high resolution cartoons are professional, versatile, and effective.
  • Character designs can subsequently be animated to create video tutorials and explainer videos, as well as traditional ads. This added versatility can build brand awareness and authority in a powerfully engaging way.
  • Choosing caricature designs that depict you, albeit in an exaggerated manner, can provide telling insight into the people behind the brand. It can establish a connection before a prospective lead has even interacted with you.
  • While ‘on trend’ in the modern era, the caricature style logo design has been used for decades. The timeless appeal means that it can serve a business today, tomorrow, and always without the need to overhaul the look.


Character design logos are now more accessible than ever before and can be incorporated into new brand design strategies and revamps alike. Whether looking to reach new audiences or express the company values in style, this logo type will serve you well.


Why opt for a professional caricature logo design company?


Unless you are a talented cartoonist and graphic designer with an in-depth understanding of logos, you will probably hire someone to draw your logo. There are various options, including remote-based freelancers or general illustrators. In reality, working with a professional logo design company is the only worthwhile option.


Aside from high quality illustrations, you can be sure that the caricature logo will be designed with business in mind. Creating an eye-catching character counts for very little if the logo fails to unlock the benefits of the character design style or does not convey the brand image effectively.


A character design logo can make a powerful statement for your business, but only if it’s done right. Given the influence of a great first impression, finding the best solution is vital. 


Which businesses can use character design logos?


Caricature style logo design can be used by businesses of all shapes and sizes as it delivers a range of relatively universal attributes. However, it is particularly useful for any company that wants to create a personal approach and connection. Given that 83% of consumers are as focused on how they are treated rather than the product, that opportunity to establish a bond right off the bat can be crucial.


SMEs, and particularly sole traders, are positioned to benefit greatly from character design logos. Your business may wish to select this type of logo if it falls into any of the following categories;


  • Tradespeople – local companies can have caricatures of themselves while national brands may opt for fictitious character design. Plumbers, electricians, builders, appliance repair services, and property inspectors can all be included.
  • Content creators – whether it’s podcasters, filmmakers, writers, musicians, or on-screen talent doesn’t matter. The caricature designs make fantastic website logos, social media icons, episode logos, and logos for invoices.
  • Family businesses – lawyers, accountants, real estate firms, and other family-run businesses that want to show the family vibe and community spirit. It works very well when supported by ‘established [year]’ text.
  • Food businesses – caricature logos look great on food product labels, including sauces and condiments. It can be a fun option for local bakers or party food supply companies for special occasions.
  • Expert services – personal trainers, language tutors, and other educators who want to build a community vibe or creating an inviting first impression. This can extend to services that are delivered through digital channels.


If the business wants to achieve a friendly yet professional brand image, the character design style logos are a fantastic way to make it happen.


Should you cartoonify yourself or use a generic character?


A professional and dedicated logo design team can guide you through every key decision of the procedure to ensure that all deliverables meet your expectations and ultimately give your brand the best starting point for all future marketing endeavors. However, one of the biggest dilemmas is whether to have a caricature of yourself or choose a generic person or animal mascot.


By definition, caricatures are ordinarily of real people. Nonetheless, the demands for business purposes do differ from cartoons drawn for personal use. With over 32.5 million businesses in the U.S., there is no single right or wrong answer. 


As a rule of thumb, any company named directly after you will probably benefit from a caricature designed in your image. If the company name does not mention any person, an animal or generic mascot design may work better. When opting for a “Mr” or “Mrs” named business, it’s often a matter of personal preference. 


If you are unsure, this is something that can be discussed alongside other key factors at the consultation stage. 


What makes a successful caricature logo design?


Once upon a time, all character design logos were guaranteed to stand out for all the right reasons. However, increased accessibility and popularity has also produced heightened competition. So, if you’re going to choose this style of logo for your business, only the best solution will suffice.


Whether using a human character or a cartoon animal, the logo should look to personify the brand. After all, it is often the first thing that people see at the initial interaction and during their ongoing exposure to the brand. A huge 89% of consumers stay loyal to brands that promote shared values, which is why promoting familiarity and trustworthy attributes will be key.


A list of additional attributes that should be considered includes each of the following;


  • Color schemes that promote the right emotional response from the audience.
  • A clear insight into what the company actually offers.
  • Indicators of any geographic restrictions.
  • Illustrations of your company’s strengths and USPs.
  • Any mottos or slogans that you may wish to incorporate into the logo.


In addition to considering all of the above factors, a successful character logo must boast the dynamic nature needed to stand out from the crowd both online and in printed media. Only then can it catch the eye and establish the brand awareness and credibility that your business deserves.


Get your character design logo made today


Once you’ve imagined how a caricature logo can benefit your brand and be used in an extensive range of settings, it can become difficult to think about any other logo style. In addition to using cartoons as your primary logo, you could alternatively use it as a mascot to supplement existing logos and branding elements. Either way, you need to know that the caricature is designed to the highest standards so that your vision can be brought to life.


The Logo Company offers an extensive range of professional logo design services that includes caricature design. Whether it’s depicting yoru likeness or a fictitious character, our experts will find the right artistic style for your industry and brand image while additionally incorporating any necessary text. This can include building emblem or combination logo designs.


To learn more or arrange a consultation, get in touch today.  

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