Logos beginning With The Letter G

You made it to Friday! Have a Friday Feature. Today we’ve reached G in our company logo design alphabet. A lot of pretty big ones begin with this prestigious letter, for example:



1. One of the biggest of the big. Google started out in January 1996 as a project made by Stanford University PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and was originally known as ‘BackRub’ due to its checking of backlinks in order to assess the importance of a site. The current Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar (although it is often replaced by the company’s famous Google Doodles in response to certain days and events throughout the year), and differs from older by lacking a question mark and a less pronounced projected shadow behind it.



2. GameStop came about as a result of small Texan software retailer Babbage’s merging with a number of others, and now sells video games (and more) across the globe. The company’s logo has largely remained the same over the years, and is sometimes accompanied by Buck, GameStop’s white rabbit mascot.



3. The General Mills logo has changed quite substantially since its inception, it having originally featured wheat motifs as an allusion to its milling roots. The focal point of its current logo is a cursive capital G, this having formed a prominent feature of the brand identity from the mid 1960s onwards. The company is responsible for having supplied NASA astronaut Scott Carpenter with solid space food in 1962, with Pillsbury scientists having developed space-friendly food cubes followed by non crumbly cake, meat that didn’t require refrigeration and sliceable relish.



4. Glock Ges.m.b.H. is an Austrian weapons manufacturer best known for its pistols. However, they also produce field knives, entrenching tools and clothing. Its logo is a rather simplistic one, with the G of the company’s name enlarged in order to loop around the rest of the word. This logo is almost often accompanied by the word ‘Perfection’.



5. Garmin is the maker of a number of Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies, it developing these for aviation and marine use as well as for the general public. The company’s logo used to be a globe with Garmin written beneath it. However, now the globe has been done with away in favour of Garmin’s brand name in simple font with a small blue triangle place above the N meant to represent north on a compass.


H is next on the agenda, so if you think that there’s a company beginning with this letter whose logo deserves to be featured then do point it out to us via Twitter (remember: #fridayfeature @thelogocompany) or Facebook.

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