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When it comes to cheer logo design, do cheerleading teams need a logo design? Well absolutely they do. Above all, cheerleading is a physical activity that involves chanting, dancing, stunts, and jumps. A team sport that requires a lot from the whole team. With the aim of motivating and supporting a sports team during games or competitions. You must have seen cheerleaders perform cheers, chants, and dance routines. Often using pom-poms. It’s all high energy and required a lot of gymnastic skills. 

‘One other significant fact is that they often wear uniforms that represent their school, team, or organization, therefore a sparkling cheer logo design is perfect to show off your team. 

Cheerleading requires great physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and teamwork. Cheerleading has evolved over the years and so has cheerleading logos. Nowadays  teams compete regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Let’s dicuss the benefits of a cheer logo, starting with the different elements, colors and typography. 

Cheerleader standing with one leg high up being supported by her squad. Sparkling cheer logo

Elements Of A Cheer Logo

When beginning your cheer logo design, certain elements like typography, colors, iconography are important. After all you need to get the right sparkling look for your cheerleaders. If you manage to get the look just right you will be able to create a very effective sparkling cheerleading logo. 

Colors And Sparkles In A Cheer Logo

First, colors are crucial when it comes to creating a perfect cheer logo design. You need some colors that reflect what your team is all about. You need to add a little something to the sports team that you are cheering on. In other words, sparkling simple logo that everybody remembers.

Choosing the right colors for a cheer logo can have a big impact on the message and vibe of the design. Depending on the style and tone of the team, there are a number of different color combinations that may work well. Classic cheer colors include bold and bright shades of red, blue, and yellow. Which can evoke energy and excitement. Metallic colors like silver and gold can also add a touch of glamor and shine. Other options include trendy pastel shades like baby pink or mint green for a more modern look. Even darker hues like black and purple for a more intense and edgy vibe.

Ultimately, the key is to choose colors that complement each other and capture the spirit of the team, the passion if you like. Whether that’s fun and playful or serious and competitive..

Sparkling golden pom poms are often use as a symbols in cheer logo design

Symbols & Iconography

However, colors are not the only important ascpect when it comes to designing a cheer logo.  Symbols and iconography also play an important part. After all visual elements can help to create an immediate connection and give the wanted message to your target audience.

The energy needs to be portrayed and the skills of the athletes need to shine through. To add in depth to your cheerleading logo, try adding sparkles and joy. Make it glamourous. However, you can also make use of other symbols like pompoms. Remember that the cheer logo needs to be added to water bottles, uniforms, even shoes so make it simple and versatile. 

Three cheerleaders up in the air

Typography That Stands Out In The Crowd

Last one up is, typography. Not to be forgetten when designing cheer logos. You can consider typography that incorporates elements of gold or sparkles patterns. I believe it’s important to go wild.

For example, a cheer logo should use bold and strong typography that conveys energy and enthusiasm. Sans-serif fonts can be a popular choice as they are modern and clean. However, it is important to ensure that the font is legible and readable even from a distance or when scaled down. Furthermore, the use of contrasting colours. Such as bright and bold shades, can also help to make the typography stand out and pop.

Additionally, incorporating graphic elements that complement the typography, like arrows or stars, can add to the overall energy and excitement of the design. Ultimately, the typography chosen should accurately show the spirit of cheerleading: energetic, youthful and vibrant.


Top 5 Cheerleading Logos In The USA

1. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – The iconic blue and silver star logo is recognized worldwide and is considered one of the most popular cheerleading logos. Furthermore, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are famous for their revealing outfits and energy. Not to forget their role as ambassadors for the Dallas Cowboys NFL team. Above all, they gained popularity in the 1970s through national TV appearances, a variety shows. Today perform at Cowboys games also starring in their own reality TV show “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Making the Team.” As cultural icons, the Cheerleaders have paved the way for other cheerleading teams.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleading logo. Famous silver star

Source 1000 Dallas Cowboys


2. New England Patriots Cheerleaders – Their logo features a bold, red “P” with a white star in the center, representing the team’s patriotic spirit. The famous cheerleaders have had various logos throughout their history. In the early years, they simply used the team’s logo alongside the word “Cheerleaders” in bold letters.  Various updates and revisions over the years were made. A more streamlined and polished version unveiled in 2016. The latest logo features the team’s colors, red, white and blue. Showing the silhouette of a cheerleader holding pom-poms over her head. 


3. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders cheer logo

Another energetic cheerleading logos the The Dolphins’ logo, which displays a fierce dolphin jumping out of water. Paired with bright orange and blue colors to represent the team’s unique flair. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders have been around since 1978, starting off with a logo that showed a cheerleader doing a high kick in front of a Miami skyline. However, in 1983, they changed the logo to a dolphin holding a pom-pom while wearing a football helmet. One interesting fact is that the dolphin used to be orange, but it’s now teal.

Most of all, the new cheer logo design represents both the cheerleaders and the Miami Dolphins football team, and it appears on clothes, merchandise, and ads. We e all know that, The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are a very skilled NFL team and their cheer logo is a symbol of their fun and energetic spirit.


4. Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders

Forth team is The Laker Girls, – The classic purple and gold “L” is prominent in their logo. Also featuring the silhouette of a cheerleader mid-jump. However, the Lakers Cheerleaders have had three logos. The first was a cartoon cheerleader with pom-poms and a megaphone in 1979. The second, a realistic cheerleader, was made in the ’90s. Their most popular logo, introduced in 1997, featured a jumping cheerleader in blue and gold attire holding a basketball.

Recently, the Lakers updated the logo in 2019, using a stylized letter “L,” with a cheerleader in the design. This latest design has a modern and sleek look, making it easily recognizable.


5. Denver Broncos Cheerleaders logo

Last one up, Denver Broncos Cheerleaders – The Broncos’ logo highlights a horse head in motion with a vibrant blue background. Symbolizing the power and energy of their team. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders were founded in 1971, and they quickly became one of the most popular cheer teams in the NFL with their bright orange and blue uniforms. Over the years, the squad has evolved and grown. For instance, with dancers representing different ages and backgrounds. In 1993, the team became the first NFL cheerleading squad to perform at the Super Bowl. Continuing to inspire and entertain fans ever since. In addition to their work on the sidelines, the cheerleaders also participate in community service events. Supporting various charitable causes. They are an integral part of the Denver Broncos organization and a beloved part of the team’s history.

Wrapping Up - Winning With The Best Cheer Logo Design Ever

Cheerleaders holding-maroon pompoms

In conclusion, designing a winning cheer logo requires creativity, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the cheer community and the values it holds dear. A well-designed cheer logo can help a team stand out. Inspiring the team spirit and pride, and creating a strong brand identity that resonates with fans and supporters.

By incorporating elements like gymnastics, pom-poms, or megaphones, and using colors that reflect the team’s identity and style, designers can create a logo that captures the energy and enthusiasm of cheerleading.

Whether for a high school squad, a college team, or a professional cheerleading organization, a winning cheer logo can help elevate the team’s visibility. Helping to build excitement around its events and competitions, and ultimately contribute to its success both on and off the field.

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