Going For The Winning Look With Gold Logos

Everybody loves gold logos! What’s not to love. Most of all, gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a dense, soft, yellow, and highly valued metal that has been used for money, jewelry, and other decorative purposes throughout history.


Because of its scarcity and beauty, it has been considered a symbol of wealth and abundance. Furthermore, gold is a nonreactive metal and does not corrode, making it a durable material for many applications. However, its value is determined by supply and demand, as well as its quality and purity, which are measured in karats. No wonder its perfect for logos.  Maybe you should consier adding a bit of gold to your logo. 

Most people know that  incorporating gold in logos establishes dominance and leaves a lasting impression that distinguishes brands from others. However, here we will discuss in dept the benefits of the golden color.

  1. The meaning of gold in logos
  2. Is a gold logo design good for all sorts of companies?
  3. Examples of companies with gold logos
  4. Logos in gold in combination with other colors
  5. Should your company use gold in your brand for a winning look?
A bedsheet in gold. Gold logos can be spectacular and attract customers if used right

The Meaning Of Gold In Logos

Well, the charm of gold is evident. Most importantly gold  is a luxurious and exclusive symbol that elevates logos in various industries. I think of jewelry, cosmetics, fashion, and sports organizations. Furthermore, it communicates trust, prestige, and achievement to consumers. But is gold logos really suitable for all sorts of companies then? Probably not! 

Is A Gold Logo Design Perfect For All Sorts Of Businesses?

Well, not surprisinly, the answer to the question is yes and no. For instance, a gold logo design might not be good for all companies because it can mean different things depending on the kind of business. Read more on what makes a good design For instance, a luxury brand or fancy jewelry company could use a the color because it means they are fancy, classy, and financially secure. However, a healthcare business might not want to use a gold logo because it might seem like they care more about making money than helping people. Not a good image at all actually.


Also, not everyone likes gold logos and some people might think they are too exclusive, which could cause problems for the brand. So, before deciding on a gold logo, companies should think about who they are trying to reach and what kind of message they want to send. 


Ask yourself, do you want to be for everyone or just for the lucky few? It is up to you to decide who you are aiming at and what you target audience looks like. See some fashion and apparel logos that we have created in our portfolio. I just love the gold logos on promotional water bottles as well. The color does shine. 

Examples Of Companies With Gold Logos

Chevrolet famous graphic design and icon in the shape of a cross

Source 1000logos

Probably the most famous one, the gold Chevrolet logo.  First introduced by the American automobile company in 1963. An iconic bowtie design, which resembles a cross, was created by Chevrolet’s co-founder, William C. Durant.


Nobody’s sure but there are several theories about the inspiration for the design. One is that Durant saw the pattern on wallpaper in a Paris hotel room. Another suggests that Durant was inspired by the bowtie worn by a Parisian waiter. A mystery as such but a very successful graphic anyway. 


In the early years, the logo was often depicted in silver or black. However, in 1963, Chevrolet introduced a new version of the logo in gold to commemorate the brand’s 50th anniversary.


Above all, the golden brand has remained an important part of Chevrolet’s identity ever since, appearing on everything from the company’s cars to its promotional materials. After all, it represents the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and longevity. Fur instance, this is a good example that it is not only for the top luxury business but for quality brands like Chevrolet. 

Versace The iconic medusa

Source Logo-world

The Versace Iconic Look

As you well know, the iconic Versace logo is a symbol of luxury, elegance, and glamour. Created by Gianni Versace, the founder of the fashion house, in the early 1980s. Very quickly it became one of the most recognizable gold logos in the world. If you look closely at the design it features a stylized Medusa head with flowing locks of hair and a fierce expression. All in  shimmering gold.


Did you know that the Medusa symbol was chosen for its historical significance as a symbol of power, beauty, and femininity?  Furthermore, the gold color adds an element of opulence to the logo.  Above all, showing the high-end image that Versace has cultivated over the years. Until this day, Versace gold logo is still a admired status symbol among fashion enthusiasts and represents the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

What about In Combination With Other Colors

Gold And Green 

Combine gold and green in a logo for a powerful and symbolic message that resonates with customers. The first color,  represents luxury, prestige, and success, while green conveys freshness, health, sustainability, and trust. Together, they create balance and harmony. Additionally, they are complementary colors on the color wheel, visually appealing and creating high contrast. Using gold and green in a logo helps showcase a brand’s positioning, communicate a sense of elegance, excellence, and responsibility, and foster a unique identity that reflects its values.” 

A veteran company made had this superb logo design in gold and green.The royal look of the eagle in the middle with wings is so powerful.

Gold And Purple

Gold logos in combination with purple can create a luxurious and regal aesthetic. Purple symbolizes royalty, power, and elegance. The contrast between the two colors can make a logo stand out and communicate a sense of sophistication or prestige. When designing a logo with these colors, it’s important to consider the shade of purple and how it complements the gold. For instance, a bright purple can create a bold contrast with gold, while a darker shade can create a more subdued look. The balance between the two colors can also affect the overall impression of the logo, so it’s essential to get the right mix to achieve the intended design effect.

Coach Brandi wellness logo in purple and gold and few layers of pink is a good example of powerful combination logos

Gold And Royal Blue

Royal blue and gold logos are a fantastic combination because they complement each other very well. Most importantely, royal blue is a rich and bold color that is associated with trust, loyalty, and authority. On the other hand, gold is a symbol of luxury. When these two colors are combined in a logo, they create a sense of elegance, prestige, and professionalism.

After all, the contrast between the two colors is visually appealing and easy on the eyes. Moreover, this color combination is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of brands ranging from businesses in the tech industry to fashion and luxury brands. Overall, a royal blue and gold logo has a timeless appeal that conveys a sense of stability, authority, and prosperity.

Gold logo and Royal blue combination for Employee Funding. A simple classy font with a star

Should Your Company Use Gold In The Logo Design For A Winning Look?

The theory of gold attracting gold, also known as the “law of attraction” or the principle of manifestation, posits that our thoughts and beliefs can influence the outcomes and events in our lives. So in orther words, this theory suggests that if we think positively and believe in our abilities to achieve success and wealth, we can attract those things towards us, including gold.


So should you have gold in your design? 


Well, it is up to you of course, but I will say that the decision to use gold in a company’s logo design depends on the nature of the business. Who is your target audience? For luxury brands it’s perfect but like I mentioned before, not for health care businesses.  Ultimately, the decision to incorporate gold into a logo should be based on a thoughtful consideration of the brand identity, target audience, and budget. 




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