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Colors for logo design. Have you got it right?.

The importance of logo color cannot be understated. You might think that the color is based purely on taste and what might look the best for your brand. In reality, you have to understand the psychology of color in logo design. Certain colors convey particular thoughts or feelings that an individual will subconsciously associate with brands. 


As time moves on, we learn more about the importance of colors for branding. Consequently, this is why you often see big brands come out with new logos featuring slightly different colors. They’re trying to evoke new feelings and thoughts related to their brand in an attempt to generate more customers and wake up an emotional response from consumers. 

Keeping all of this in mind, today’s article will focus on modern logo colors and the common trends we’re seeing. Below, you’ll find a list of these trends, along with why color choice is such an integral part of the overall logo design. Of course, if you are looking for a comprehensive logo design service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’ll ensure that you capitalize on some of these trends and have a logo that perfectly suits your brand!

Showing different colors to use in logo design.

Natural colors are trendy logo colors


We’ve seen a growing trend of businesses adopting natural color palettes for logos. What does this mean? Effectively, it relates to colors that you see in nature – ones that are naturally occurring. As a result, this usually includes different shades of green, gray, and possibly even blue. 


Why are these sorts of colors being used more and more? 


Well, when you refer back to the psychology of colors in logo design, you notice that natural colors tend to evoke very specific feelings. Green is all about creating feelings of peacefulness and health. As such, many companies in the beauty industry or healthcare field will start using natural greens in their logos. With grays, you convey a sense of balance, harmony, and neutrality. Finally, blue is all about trust and dependability, which is why so many companies are now using natural blues in their logos. 


Businesses want people to see them as dependable, strong, calm, and peaceful. It’s all about building trust, so it’s no surprise that natural colors are trending. 


Colors for logo design might be bright colors


Another popular trend is to incorporate brighter colors in your logos. This is certainly something that has come around in 2022 as a response to global events. It has been a year of healing and turning a new page in the book of life. 2022 has been a time of rebirth for a lot of brands and people across the world as we finally fight back against the pandemic. The world has slowly returned to some semblance of normal, and brands want to emphasize this in their logos. 


We’re seeing really bold and bright colors – like yellow, orange, and red – used more and more this year. These colors have long been associated with optimism, confidence, excitement, and cheerfulness. 

As a result, it makes sense that we’re seeing a growing trend of bright colors as brands look to reflect positivity back onto the world. We’ll always have black & white logos because they’re so simple and effective. However, there’s a definite rise in more vibrant logo designs these days, and we certainly believe the pandemic has led to this trend. 


Soft Colors


Alongside bright colors, we’ve seen a big rise in the use of soft colors in many brand logos. Now, some of these trends may look as though they contradict one another, and the truth is that it depends on the industries and businesses that are using them. For example, a lot of B2B companies are opting for brighter colors because they’re hoping to encourage their customers to start making more purchases and feeling optimistic. 


On the other hand, B2C companies are more likely to implement soft colors. Softer colors always create a sense of calm or reassurance. The interesting thing about this trend is that brands are taking some typically bright or vibrant colors and using softer variants of them. 


Two really popular choices are butter and olive oil. Both of these are softer tones of yellow/orange, meaning they still maintain the psychological background of these colors. Yellow offers clarity, optimism, and warmth. Orange adds friendliness and cheerful confidence to proceedings. By muting the colors and making them softer, you convey these feelings in a more reassuring way. 


In a world that’s full of ups and downs and a lack of clarity, these softer tones are very welcoming for consumers.


Gradients colors for a logo 


Wherever you turn your head in 2022, you’ll find a whole host of gradient logo designs. A gradient isn’t color so much as it is a blend of different colors. You gradually move your way from one shade of color to another. 


The Instagram logo is a fantastic example – you have yellow that moves to orange and red then purple. 

This is a popular color trend because it stands out. It’s a fun and unique way of using similar colors in your logo and drawing people’s attention. A good idea is to pick a base color – this should be dependent on the emotions you want to convey – and then create a gradient from it. 


Why Is Color Choice So Important? What are the color trends for your logo design?


Seeing the current color trends is useful to understand what sort of colors to consider for your logo. But, why is this so important? Surely it doesn’t matter what color your logo is – especially if it’s a fantastic design already?! It’s all psychological.


In reality, color matters more than you’d ever think, and here’s why: 


Colors are psychological use them well


We have touched upon this many times throughout this post, but the psychological impact of color is critical. Understanding how a color resonates with people, and the subconscious feelings attached to that color, will be paramount in picking colors that relate to your brand. 


For example, blue is always a color that signifies trust, strength, and dependence. This is why it’s used by big corporations that deal with finance and other important things. The likes of JP Morgan, American Express, and IBM all incorporate blue in their logo design. In fact, 40% of Fortune 500 companies will use blue in their logo because it establishes elements of trust and strength with the consumer. 


Look at the flip side of this – imagine a brand like American Express chose a bright orange logo. It simply wouldn’t give off the right feelings to customers. Orange is more to do with friendliness and being cheerful and bubbly. This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for in a company like this!


If you want your customers to view you in the right way, you have to pick the right colors. 


Colors help with brand recognition


Aside from the psychological impact of logo colors, you have to think about things from a brand recognition perspective. Consider some of the most popular companies in the world. Now, think about what you recognize the most about these brands. Or, to put it another way, what makes your brain instantly think about a brand? 


In most cases, the color will be the answer. Did you know that there’s an 80% increase in brand recognition when using a colored logo design? Colors stay in our minds for a long time and we associate brands with the colors in their logos. 


For example, if you saw something yellow on a red background, your mind is likely to connect these colors to Mcdonald’s. This is because it’s the same color scheme that you find in their logo, which you’ve seen again and again. 


If you want people to recognize your brand and remember you, you need to use colors. 


Colors draw people’s attention if well used. Choose your logo colors well. 


Yes, a good logo can capture people’s attention regardless of the colors used. However, there’s no denying that colorful logos can help you stand out. People will instantly be attracted to the color or notice it from afar. As a result, you’re getting people to take second glances at your logo, further aiding brand awareness and recognition. 


If we dive deeper into this, it’s not even that focused on the main color of your logo. Any color can work and be captivating – it’s more about the combination of colors. If you have white text on a black background, it’s going to stand out more than white text on a light gray background. Learning how to combine colors to grab people’s attention can draw more people to your business. 


Enjoy Expert Logo Design Services Today


Overall, it’s extremely important to understand how to use colors in your logo, and which colors are the best for your brand. Thankfully, you are in the right place. At The Logo Company, we offer a detailed logo design service that’s built around all of your needs. Our team will help you develop an eye-catching logo that capitalizes on the latest color trends while ensuring your brand gets across the right message. 

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