How to Brand and Market to Teachers

One of the most taxing jobs that do not tend to get the recognition it deserves is that of a teacher. With all the time and effort they put into educating student minds, sometimes, people tend to forget about appreciating them on a regular basis. So, one way of showing appreciation for teachers is by centering your branding and marketing strategies around them. You may see that in doing so, your business will increase its exposure and engagement with this particular population.



Teachers Matter – of course

Teachers are a very intricate part of society. They make up a large group of people who have the capacity to influence other people in the community. The people they impact are students and parents in which, they too, are a large population of consumers. As teachers influence other people, they become part of educating the lives of millions of people. This is why teachers matter so much to the development and betterment of society. They also make up a large population of the world’s workforce. As a business, you can capitalize on your marketing and branding efforts with targeting teachers. They will not only appreciate your efforts, they will continue to help your business grow.


Teachers are a brand themselves

Teachers are essentially, their own brand when it comes to who they are and what they do. As a teacher, they have to provide students and parents with the confidence that they are competent and caring. They relay this brand every day by engaging and providing effective material and resources to their audiences. As part of creating their own brands, they rely on businesses to follow suit. This means that businesses need to engage with teachers in meaningful ways to truly have an impact on their buying patterns. Businesses must get to know teachers. They should also understand what their needs are to truly be able to gear their branding and marketing campaigns around them.


Branding to Teachers

Branding is essential when wanting to target teachers as a consumer audience. They want to know that your business cares about the same thing that they do: schools and education. One of the best ways to engage with a teacher is by giving back to the schools, especially the ones they teach in. As you show your community support, they will begin to entrust you more. Being involved within the community is essential to representing a positive brand to teachers. For instance, you can provide teachers with the chance to see that you are donating supplies to local charities. When they are exposed to this type of giving efforts, teachers are much more inclined to see your business in a positive representation. Thus, this makes them more likely to be your customer.


Many big businesses such as Target and Wal-Mart have ongoing campaigns where they donate a certain percentage of each sale to a local school. Barnes & Noble runs a Teacher Appreciation event where they offer discounts and freebies to teachers. Providing these events show teachers that your business really cares about educators and their local schools.


Increase your knowledge on education policies

Another important component to reaching out to the community is by showing you have experience in working with education. Learn about the school system and what teachers and students have to go through. If there are particular slogans or requirements, make sure you familiarize yourself with it so you can set yourself apart from others who are not as knowledgeable. Consult with teachers or district administrators to expand your knowledge on educational policies. Teachers will be impressed with your level of knowledge and appreciation for their line of work.


Marketing to Teachers

Understanding what teachers like is a great way to start marketing to a teacher. As professional teacher development conferences, vendors create fun and catchy items that are centered around a teacher. For example, you may see bags, shirts and cups with funny slogans and phrases that only teachers will understand. They appreciate things that they can relate to and your business can greatly benefit from catching on to popular things like this. Interesting read on tips for targeting a teacher


Another marketing strategy is by understanding a teacher’s work schedule. All teachers have relatively similar work schedules and time off. Say it is summer break. You can promote your traveling agency business by targeting teachers who are off for vacation. Department stores can increase their sales marketing by offering more events during the holiday season since teachers and students are off for break as well. Working around peak times when they work or not is a great way to make sure you can easily target their shopping behavior.


Create an education logo with purpose

It definitely helps to create logos for education that are purposeful and easy to engage with when it comes to targeting teachers. For specific educational companies, they may have logos that include an apple or book to show that they are “education-based.” Logos are important for any business. They should include specific colors and images that are relevant to your business value and product. People will equate your logo with how they view your business so it is important that it represents it in a positive way.


Sometimes, you may need to resort to using a professional logo designer to help you in the process. Doing so will ensure that you have one of the best logo designs possible without having to worry about doing it yourself. Plus, you will get a chance to focus on other important business practices once you have a professional take care of your logo design.



Conclusion – Market to teachers 

Finally, teachers are a great asset to the world and the future of its existence. One way of showing your appreciation for their hard work and efforts is by engaging with them in the business market. Yes, you want to increase your revenue but at the same time, you are giving back to the community in a meaningful way. As you continue to build your marketing and branding campaigns, be mindful about engaging with teachers and what their needs are as consumers. You will find that they are the perfect group to get your business growing. Don’t forget the home tutors, they can be very useful to target as well. 

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