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Colorful Flowers Make Inspirational Flower Logos

Flower logos are incredibly trendy and beautiful. Most people think of roses, poppies, dahlias, lily’s, tulips, carnations or orchids when they think of flowers. However there are so many more colorful flowers that can be inspirational when you create a logo design for your company. Have you heard of Treasure flowers, Hawaiian hibiscus, Lady’s slipper orchids, Jade vine or Citronella lily? Probably not. In this blog I would like to look closely at some colorful and not so colorful flowers that will inspire logo designs. 

A dramatic red Treasure flower that would look good in any flower logo

This Kind Of Small Company Should Go For A Garden Inspired Flower Logo?

Understandably, flower logos are often associated with companies in the floral and gardening industries. These could include businesses that sell fresh flowers, potted plants, gardening tools, and landscaping services. Another example is, bakeries and tea shops may also use flower logos to emphasize the natural ingredients they use.


In addition, beauty and cosmetics companies often incorporate flowers into their branding, as flowers are symbolic of beauty and self-care. A lot of, perfumes, bath and body products, and skincare brands may all use floral imagery in their logos and packaging.


Finally, some wedding and event planning companies may use flower logos as a way to emphasize their proficiency in floral design and decor.


Overall, companies that use flower logos often want to highlight their connection to nature, beauty, and growth.

Poppies in the field in Gotland, Sweden

Eco And Green Logo Designs With Flowers

The first example of a successful flower logo is Nature’s Melody. A well balanced logo with a purple hibiscus surrounded by nice green leaves. The blue bird adds to the feminine beautiful, romantic green look that is just right for a company that sells all natural products. I would qualify this as a colorful flower logo design. Furthermore, it is a software look and feel. To see more of the eco and green logo design 

The second example that The Logo Company created is for a company called biotissima. A lavender branch is featured underneath the simple font. However beautiful, it is a more subtle and gentle look but still colorful because of the power of the color purple


Interestingly, lavender is a versatile plant often used in logo design for its calming properties and association with nature, elegance, and creativity. For example, its purple color is linked to calmness and balance. Furthermore, lavender is popular for brands selling natural or handmade products, such as spas, skincare, and aromatherapy. Ultimately, lavender has become a flexible emblem for logo design, connecting with customers on levels of natural beauty and relaxation.

Beauty Businesses Have Flowers In Their Brand

Natures Melody's logo with an exotic orchid
Eco friendly biotissima consists of a purple lavender branch

Most of all, beauty businesses use flower logos to effectively establish a strong visual identity, and to improve customer appeal. Mostly, because flowers have a timeless, versatile, visually appealing and memorable quality that makes them ideal for logos. Not only do they represent femininity, natural appeal, and diverse qualities, but they also depict freshness, renewal, and growth. For instance, floral motifs enable conveying different brand messages and values, making them a smart choice for beauty businesses.

The Lotus Flower For Yoga Studios

Did you know that the lotus flower has been a significant symbol in many spiritual practices, particularly in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism? After all, the flower is often associated with purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. Mostly because it grows from the muddy waters and rises above the surface to bloom beautifully. In yoga, the lotus pose (Padmasana) is considered one of the most sacred and challenging postures. However, also really rewarding, as it requires deep concentration, flexibility and promotes inner calmness and meditation.


Understandably, that’s why many yoga studios use the lotus symbol in their logo to represent the essence of the practice and the values it conveys. Furthermore, the lotus flower is seen as a beautiful reminder of the potential within each of us to grow, transform and reach a state of unity with the universe.

Pink Lotus flower often seen as a flower in yoga logos

Roses For Romantic Companies

Most importantly, a rose is a symbol of love, passion, and romance. Making it a perfect choice for logos of companies that cater to romantic needs. A rose logo design can incorporate one or more roses, in various colors, such as red, pink, or white.

For instance, a simple yet elegant design, featuring a single rosebud, can be a great choice for businesses that offer romantic gifts like bouquets or chocolates. For brands that focus on weddings or other events, a more intricate design featuring multiple roses may be appropriate.

Another example where a rose logo can come in handy is for businesses in the fragrance or beauty industry. After all, many of their products feature rose-scented ingredients. With the right design and branding, a rose logo can help companies stand out and promote their offerings as romantic, luxurious, and memorable.

Garden Inspired Floral Logo

Lets take one example of a floral logo,  1-800-Flowers:  A very famous floral delivery company. Their flower logo features a simple tulip with three petals. Its a combination of purple and green and the logo has changed several times since the opening of the company in 1976 by Jim McCann. He started with a single floral shop in New York City.

Eventually expanded his business by acquiring other shops and launching multiple floral brands. In 1986, McCann launched the first-ever toll-free telephone number for ordering flowers, which was 1-800-Flowers. Most importantly, this allowed customers to easily order flowers for delivery all across the US from the comfort of their own home. The logo has over the years become a simple logo design that fits all aspects of their business. 


Jade Vine Exotic Flower

Jade Vine exotic flower which could inspire any logo

Wrapping Up On Inspirational Flower Logos

I wished customer would send me a pic like the Jade Vine


Just to hey, I would like to to get inspiration from this pic and colors. Its wild and has lots of beautiful details. There is much more to do with nature and the simple beautiful shapes all around us. Inspirational logo designs with flowers exotic or not always gives your brand a memorable look.


After all, customers needs to remember you so why not use colors and inspiration from flowers that we don’t usually grow in our gardens. I undertand the need to use simplicity and not too many shapes but I still believe that you can use bits of it to be inspired.   


Did you know that Jade Vine is pollinated by bats! These incredible animals deserve an article on their own. Read my article if you want to try to draw a logo by yourself, perhaps of flowers? You might succeed in drawing a Jade Vine flower, or maybe not!

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