Interior Design Logo Ideas: Inspiring Your Creative Process

So you are in need of some inspirational  interior design logo ideas? Perhaps you have everything in place. You shop is ready, the furniture is there and everything is looking perfect. But do you have your interior logo design to put as a sign above your shop? Have you got some super nice looking window decals? If not read on to get a few good ideas for your interior design logo. 

Bedroom furniture with dining tables and couch in modern store. Interior design logo ideas with a minimalistic touch

Unleashing Creativity: Interior Design Logo Ideas

When you think of how to unleash any kind of creativity you might actually have a panic attack. It pretty much sounds easy but in the interior design business, to have practical logo ideas to inspire the creative process might not be as easy as it sounds.

The most important thing is to sit there among your furniture and think of the style that you have. Do you have any favourite colors. It’s pretty good to know that a lot of interior design logo ideas are based on logos that are black and white. This is usually to make the window decals even more obvious.  Furthermore, think about the kind of typography that you would like see. Most interior logos have fat bold typography but if you sell big romantic flowery sofas then perhaps you can have a decorative font. 

In fact, with a little artistic flair and some ingenuity, you will put together some smart interior design logo ideas and thus create the perfect logo. Let’s dive into the subject further. 

Enhancing Brand Identity

How do you enhance your brand identity with nice home design logo ideas? Well, first of all you need to explore how a thoughtful logo design can elevate a home design business’s brand identity. Think about how to incorporate elements that reflect the heart of your business, your values and what you want people to see and think when the see your interior design logo.

Ask yourself if the business is either

  • Traditional or 
  • Minimalistic

When I  say traditional I mean like the old fashioned interior design shop with lots of different styles and a very homely feel. As when I say minimalistic then I think about pretty much empty rooms with one or two furnitures on display and cool lighting.

Minimalistic design requires using architectural icons, elegant typography, and harmonious color palettes. 

The traditional interior design logo ideas requires a bit more mess, romanticism and decorative styles in the shape of flowers.

I think of Laura Ashley logo if you remember that beautiful traditional logo they was created some 70 years ago. In fact, their anniversary logo is very typical of the traditional interior design logo. 

Anniversary logo for Laura Ashley. A decorative flower on the right hand side of a circular logo with the number 70 in the middle. Interior design logo ideas

Creating a Memorable Home Design Logo

So how do you practically capture the essence of your brand? Of course, designing a logo that you and your customers love is crucial for establishing a strong brand identity in the home design industry. After all, it is a fiercely competitive one. It goes without saying that your logo should be visually unique, show your style, minimalistic or traditional. Most importantly, be remembered immediately. 

In short, creating a memorable home design logo involves several key elements:

  • Architectural Icons: For example, incorporate symbols like houses, furniture, or other stuff to immediately show the industry you are working for.
  • Elegant Typography: Secondly, use fonts that reflect the brand’s style. Minimalist, or traditional.
  • Harmonious Color Palettes: Thirdly, choose colors that you like and that you think goes well with your branding. Frosted colors in logos are good for window decals. 
  • Unique Design Elements: Highlight unique selling points to set the logo apart from competitors. It could be a certain designer that only sells at your place. 
  • Professionalism and Appeal: Lastly, ensure the design is polished. That is to say made by a professional logo designer. 

Maximize Visual Impact

Let’s talk in detail about three interior design companies that have successfully maximized their interior design logo ideas and created a super logo. 

Kelly Wearstler

So, first on up, Kelly Wearstler’s logo features her name in a bold, modern font with a minimalist approach. Making the clean lines and simplicity reflect her pretty sophisticated and contemporary design style.
The visual impact of this minimalistic logo makes it easy to memorise and very good to have on advertising materials.

Studio McGee

Second example of great interior logo design ideas is Studio McGee’s logo. Mostly because they have used a classic serif font paired with a simple, elegant design. Because of this the the logo often appears in a monochromatic palette, symbolising eternity. 

Jonathan Adler

Last example is that of Jonathan Adler’s logo. This iconic logo features a bold, quirky font which makes it playful and fun. Furthermore, the use of vibrant colors and cool shapes showcases creativeness and bohemian spirit of the brand. There’s a lot of philosophical thought being this logo.

Why a Good Logo Matters in Home Design?

Well, why does any logo matter in any industry? It matters a lot. It is your face to the world. Your interior design logo ideas need to be creative but yet practical. A difficult combination you might say. In home design, the logo is crucial as it goes on every window and you will have to add it to get people to get in. It does not matter how nice your furniture is if you cannot get people to walk in and spend their money. 

Wrapping Up

As I have demonstrated, you do need to have solid interior design logo ideas to get the job done. Try mind mapping your logo ideas. Do ask your friends and colleges to help out as their ideas might be better than yours.

Get a professional logo designer to realize the actually logo for your interior design shop. This way you are sure that you get a unique, not copied logo, in all the formats that you will need to create your business cards, or your window decal. Do not attempt this yourself as you will waste your time and still have to get in touch with a graphic designer. In short, be creative and dream big. 

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