Frosted Colors In Logos

The Use Of Frosted Colors

Frosted colors makes me think of winter and the cold. Currently we have winter in most of the world. A part from the ones living on the other side of the planet. Winter and frosted colors don’t have to be so cold but actually add a bit of softness and gentleness to your logos and branding. Well, of course that is my opinion, but having being born in Sweden, I do have a lot of experience in the colors that hide in winter. Let me tell you more. 

Rocky Mountain Covered With Snow Under Blue Sky and White Clouds. Picture taken in Norway. An example of frosted colors

Understandably, frosted colors are a popular choice in a variety of design applications due to their subtle and soft appearances. In logos the colors do well as they add a seasonal change and perhaps a softer appeal to the calmness of winter. Furthermore, I believe that the pale, pastel hues often associated with winter and snow can evoke feelings of calmness and purity. After all, winter is a time to reflect and to rest. A time to spend with your family and dream new dreams. How else will you find time to reflect unless its winter and calm outside. Everywhere you look in the snowy landscape you see more soft colors. 

Sophistication In Luxury Products

So you often use frosted colors in branding and packaging for products associated with luxury and sophistication. Like for example in cosmetics and jewelry. Another sector that the subtle frosty colors are used is in popular in interior design.  Adding visual interest and subtle depth to a space. 

When I think of frosted color palettes, then I often include shades of pale blue, lavender, pink, green, and white. Color emotions are many and very important to consider. The infographic for color emotions that my husband made a few years ago is still very much accurate. However, due to their subtle nature, frosted colors are often paired with metallic accents or other textures to create a more dynamic and memorable design.

The Definition Of Frosted Colors

In the dictionary you will find that frosted colors refers to “A color effect that uses two contrasting colors in a 50%-50% equal ratio proportion to create a soft blended effect.” Encyclo

However, I would disagree as frosted colors in logos are not necessarily in a 50%-50% equal ratio proportion. One must remember that, the use of frosted colors in a logo design depends on the intended aesthetic and the overall design concept.


Of course, we all know that frosted colors are often used to create a sense of depth and texture in a logo and can be applied in various ways, such as with color overlays or gradient effects. Not necessary 50% equal as it is the user that decides how it’s supposed to look. So, the proportion of frosted colors used in a logo may vary depending on how it fits within the logo design as a whole. Ultimately, the use of frosted colors in logos is about achieving balance and harmony, not necessarily equal proportions.

Why would You Design Logos With Frosted Colors?

Really any company that want to convey a modern, calm, sophisticated image might use logos with frosted colors. Frosted colors are a popular design trend that creates a semi-transparent, muted color effect that can be applied to an entire logo or specific elements within a logo.

After all, this effect gives the design a sleek, stylish appearance, and is often used by companies in tech, fashion, and beauty industries. I also associate the color with wellness logos and yoga studios logo design. Mostly because the calmness they bring.  

Examples Of Companies With Frosted Logo Designs

Apple Logo in frosted colors

So if you want to show a calm and collected even sophistication then try to add a bit of winter to your look. Some companies, especially those that are in the luxury space, have incorporated frosted logos into their branding. One such example is Tiffany & Co., whose iconic blue box is instantly recognizable thanks in part to its frosted logo.


Other examples include upscale fashion brands like Chanel and Gucci. Using frosted logos on their packaging and storefronts. Even technology companies such as Apple have embraced frosted logos on their devices, giving them a sleek and modern look. Overall, a frosted logo can be a clever way for a company to differentiate itself and add a touch of luxury to its brand.

Successful Color Combination

Things to also consider when designing a custom logo with the color frost. Which colors do you want to combine it with? Adding an extra color can add a depth to the logo. Increasing the feeling of tranquility.  Therefore a few other colors, I believe would be great to combine with frost:


First choice is pale pink and lavender. A really fab color combination as this creates a contrast that brings out the frost color’s icy tones and adds a touch of femininity.


Another great option is to pair it with a bold, bright color like red or orange. Sounds a bit crazy, I know however, this creates a bold and attention-grabbing effect that draws the eye.


Tips! When using frost as the primary color, it is important to use it sparingly and pair it with secondary colors that bring out its best qualities. In short, the key is to balance the frost color with other colors that complement and add dimension to the design, creating a finished product that is both visually appealing and memorable.

Logo Shapes That Work Well With Frosted Colors

Increasingly popular as it gives a sense of elegance and sophistication. The following logo shapes work well with frosted colors:


1. Geometric Shapes: First example, logos with geometric shapes such as squares, circles or triangles are a perfect fit for frosted colors. Most because this enhances the overall design aesthetic of the logo.


2. Abstract Shapes: Like blobs if you know what I mean. In other terms, logos with abstract shapes and designs can also work well with frosted colors. Adding uniqueness to the logo.


3. Monoline Designs: Third example, Monoline designs. Simple yet elegant lines that work great with frosted colors. The shape makes the design appear more refined.


4. Negative Space Shapes: A classic and a favorite. Negative space shapes are a great way to add interest to a design. When combined with frosted colors, it can make an impactful design. Im sure you have seen frosted window decals with negative space.


5. Lettermark/Wordmark Designs: Lastly, logos with lettermark or wordmark designs.  Enhancing with frosted colors make them more visually striking.

Add A little winter To Your Logo With Frosted Colors

Aerial Photography of Green Leafed Trees. Frost colors

Yes, frosted or icy colors can add a winter feel to logos and branding. These colors are often associated with snow, ice, and winter landscapes. Looking outside right now in winter 2024, I definitely get a feeling of calmness.  


Another thing, the use of frosted or icy effects can further enhance the winter feel of branding. Especially if you want to add a sense of nostalgia and joy about the season.

Wrapping Up!

Well, it might be very cold outside for some of us, however don’t let that scare you away from adding frosted colors in your future logos. You do want customers to feel that you are calm, collected and that you know what you are doing. This is were you try a bit of frost. Add a strong color in a perfect color combination and I think you will end up with s stunning logo. If you want to know more. Ask me!

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