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Do you need to breath fresh air into your dead branding?.

Whether starting a new security company or looking to rebrand your existing business, a security logo design is going to be super important. Especially to make a great first impression that lives long in the memory is vital. Therefore, security logo designis one of the most important steps to locking down your audience and putting new leads on the path to conversion. 

Here at The Logo Company, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive logo design services that can define or redefine your brand to unlock truly stunning results through a combination of experience, technical proficiency, and an understanding of your needs as a business in the field of security. Here’s all you need to know.

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Why is a Great Logo considered a MUST HAVE for your Security Company?

As a security business, your priority rightly revolves around manufacturing, installing, or managing security networks and infrastructure. Consequently, then, you would be forgiven for assuming that the security logo design isn’t overly important. On the contrary, though, it is an essential feature that you must look to master. 

For starters, it is often the first thing that any prospective client will notice about the company. In addition to forming the first point of interaction, the following stats should underline the significance of a great logo;

  • 78% of consumers consider logos to be works of art.
  • Studies show that a huge 73% of people are more likely to buy from a company they know while logos are one of the best tools for creating familiarity.
  • 60% of consumers avoid brands that have unappealing security logo design
  • People will start to form an opinion of the security company within 0.05 seconds of interacting with the brand.
  • 89% of marketers cite brand awareness as their top marketing goal.

I think you will need a strong looking logo 

A strong logo will help your security company make a powerful first impression that tells clients what to expect from your company, establishes a sense of trust and familiarity, sets the company apart from the competition, and builds credibility. It should additionally set the tone for all additional marketing materials and even influence client interactions. 

In the words of Sagi Haviv: “A security logo is not communication. A logo is identification.” Your security company cannot afford to be without it.

What should the best security company logo design actually do?

A great logo for your security company isn’t only one that looks pretty. It should also tell a story. The different aspects of a logo, ranging from color schemes and shapes to graphical elements and typography choices can convey many different things. Some of the key ingredients in the recipe for success are;

  • Let your customers know exactly what type of security equipment or installations the company does.
  • Signify the name of the company.
  • Establish whether your company is a budget-friendly or premium brand.
  • Identify whether your security products are ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke solutions for residential and/or commercial use.
  • Give some insight into the brand story and values.

While the best logos may focus on simplicity and being easy on the eye, they also hide complex features that can influence first impressions and ongoing client relationships. It is additionally something that employees can connect to. 

Furthermore, any great logo must now work across multiple channels including both print media and digital media. The logo will be proudly displayed on a host of items including but not limited to; websites, business cards, product packaging, posters and marketing materials, social media channels, employee ID cards, company stationery, and any other products used for company communication.

If the company logo can stand out to boost awareness and familiarity while additionally evoking positive emotional reactions, it will have served its purpose.

What type of logo is right for your new company

Appreciating the importance of a great security company logo design is one thing but knowing how to make it a reality isn’t your forte. But it is ours. Here at The Logo Company, our experts boast vast experience in supporting security businesses like yours (as can be seen from our portfolio) and can bring the brand to life regardless of whether it is aimed at B2B or B2C customers. Or both.

Aside from understanding the intended audience as well as your company niche (alarms, CCTV, cybersecurity, safes, etc.), The Logo Company can determine which type of logo is the most effective option for expressing your brand message before developing it to ensure that it looks perfect across all formats. The main candidates are detailed below:


Abstract graphic logo designs are images that become associated with a brand but do not necessarily feel linked to what the company does. The Nike swoosh, for example, is instantly recognizable now but you wouldn’t think ‘sportswear brand’ without prior knowledge. 

It can be a good option for security company logo design, although it is probably best suited for B2C rather than B2B. companies may find that this is a good option when their security firm covers multiple facets of security or even branches out into other aspects of home or commercial building maintenance. 

Mascot logos

Mascot logos are fairly self-explanatory. They are often used in food industries with KFC and Wendy’s standing out as two obvious candidates. However, your security firm could also be identified through a mascot logo that separates your brand from the rest.

Moreover, the mascot logo option can be a good option if you plan to use content marketing. For example, your company may plan to add security tutorial videos or guides for customers. The mascot can be used in these instances to further promote consistency and brand awareness.

Combination mark

A combination mark logo essentially combines text and graphical elements. It is a very popular option for new companies as the text states who the company is while the graphical element can give some insight into the brand story or build the brand’s community.

There are plenty of examples across many industries. In the security arena, Norton’s combination mark of its name and a graphic of a ticked circle shows how it can relate to security. The graphical elements could also depict cameras, locks, or other items linked to security.


An emblem logo is one that has text inside a symbol or crest. It is very commonly used by sports teams and automotive companies but can be used by security companies too. An emblem with a lock inside it along with the company name could work well.

Emblems are eye-catching while modern takes use simple two-tone ideas that look great on screens. This can work very well when the security company deals with software solutions for B2B or B2C environments. Emblem logos also look great on items like staff uniforms or promotional goods.


Also known as monogram logos, lettermarks are a typography-based logo design. In most cases, the letters are chosen by taking the initials of a company’s name. For example, American District Telegraph becomes ADT while United Parcel Service becomes UPS.

Lettermark logos are popular for several reasons. They focus on simplicity while smart use of negative space can introduce hidden images for a modern look. Crucially, it is a versatile style that looks great across all media types while many security firms use acronyms for branding purposes.

Pictorial mark

Pictorial marks, also known as logo symbols, are logo designs where a graphic logo that does not require text. It is primarily used by major companies that are instantly recognizable. The Twitter bird is a great example as it tells you about the platform – you Tweet on it.

It can be a little difficult for new companies to introduce this, although text could be added underneath while establishing the company before removing it at a later date. When choosing this style of logo design for security company branding, the graphic will naturally need to depict something closely associated with the brand.


Wordmarks are very similar to lettermarks in the fact that they are a form of typography logo that uses a word rather than the initials. The Google logo is perhaps the best-known example, although there are hundreds of others across multiple industries.

Again, the wordmark logos are hugely popular due to their versatility, simplicity, and lack of ambiguity. The color schemes can be altered with ease while it is particularly useful for companies that boast a catchy name that rolls off the tongue. However, it should be avoided if you have a long business name.

Get your security company a logo design completed in style

There are many ways to tackle the process of building a company logo, including the DIY approach or hiring a cheap freelancer. Ultimately, though, the value of the logo to your security company’s identity and ongoing marketing strategy means that you must not settle for anything less than the best. The Logo Company can provide a bespoke logo design to make your brand unmissable and unforgettable. We don’t just understand graphic design and marketing – we also understand you. I understand you as we have been in business for 23 years.

Whether just starting out or looking to take your security company to the next level, get in touch today!

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