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Below are some examples of logo designs we have created from scratch for our clients in the security sector. Please remember, your logo will be completely unique to your business. These real examples are just to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. You can change to view examples from a different industry by using the drop down menu.

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Security Logo Design Explained


A security logo design needs to grab the attention of potential customers while also evoking a sense of safety and reliability. Whether your business deals with financial or home security, its branding must convey protection and peace of mind during every point of contact with the customer. Your logo is often the customer’s first impression of your company, which is why creating the right logo is such an important part of the branding process.


A logo should work seamlessly as part of your company’s overall mission to not only create a sense of security, but also get your company’s message across with a single image. Long term, an effective logo will help create brand recognition for your company. Here are a few fundamentals that any business in this industry should follow to convey a feeling of protection with their logo.




Analyzing competitor logos can help you see what already works. This is not to say you should copy another company’s logo, but rather use other logos to help you decide what route is best for your company. Furthermore, researching other security company logos will not only help you make color, typography, and layout choices, it will also help you avoid creating a design that is already in use.


Common Symbols in Logos


Shields, locks, and eagles are commonly used since each of these symbols represent protection, trustworthiness, and dependability. In addition to evoking emotions, symbols can also be used to convey your specific type of service offering. Burglars or guard dogs might be used in home security logos, while safes and vaults are sensible symbols for a financial security company.


Popular Colors in Logos


Blue is a popular color in security logos since it has a calming effect. Integrity and power are also associated with the color blue. Many logos also use red, which can symbolize aggression and courage.


Create a Logo That Stands Out


The security industry already has recognizable symbols, which is an effective logo approach to take. However, your logo should also set your brand apart from similar companies.


Symbolize Your Niche


Use your logo to clearly communicate what your company offers by incorporating what distinguishes you from your competition. For example, are you offering home security, financial security, personal security, or online security? Use your logo to highlight details about your company’s unique service and product offerings.


Include Your History


Does your security brand have a storied history? Consider including symbols that tell your brand’s story. If your company has been around for a long time, prove your longevity by including the year your company was established in the logo. Conversely, newer companies can use their logo to play up their fresh approach and commitment to innovation.


Design Elements to Consider in Your Logo


Every design choice influences the next design move, which makes creating a logo for your company much like a game of chess. The typography influences the size and color of the image and vice versa. Likewise, a logo that relies solely on typography must also take size, style, and color into consideration or the entire branding message falls apart, which means checkmate for your branding.


When it comes to design basics, here are just a few things to consider when creating your company logo.


Straightforward Typography


Typography options can become overwhelming, but fortunately, the security industry makes an easy job of this. Because security is a serious subject, straightforward, recognizable typography works best. Avoid using playful, juvenile, or whimsical typography that won’t match the tone of your brand.


Functional Colors


Not only do colors have to become part of your company’s overall brand, much like football team colors, they also have to function within the logo itself. Colors that clash with one another or your logo’s background can distract from your brand’s message. Primary colors work best, but if your logo calls for a multitude of colors, try to keep the design simple.


Text and Symbols


A logo can consist solely of text, text and symbols, an actual image, or a combination of all three. When using images in your logo, make them say as much as possible. If your company deals in home security, a shield in combination with the recognizable image of a house says much more about your brand than one of those symbols on their own.


What to Avoid When Creating a Logo


Sometimes past mistakes are just as helpful as advice, which is exactly where logo errors come into play. So, in order to learn from mistakes without actually having to make them, here are just a few logo design mistakes that your company should avoid.


Don’t Be Too Trendy


Your logo should be a fresh, original design that will also stand the test of time. Staying away from current design trends can keep you from creating a logo that will soon be out of style. While trends make sense for certain companies, timeless designs work best for your industry.


Never Sacrifice Clarity


No matter how brilliant or intricate your logo concept may be, it will be ineffective if it doesn’t communicate the right things to your customer. Typography will get you a long way in terms of clarity, but if your image or symbol is too busy, it will ruin the rest of your logo’s design. Likewise, if your wording is too complicated, it will have the same negative effect.


A logo says a lot about a company, but it can also say nothing at all if you take the wrong approach when it comes to logo design and functionality. No matter how strong your company’s name is, if it is not visually supported with the right logo and design, sometimes your brand’s message becomes unclear. By working with The Logo Company, you create a logo for your company that evokes a sense of protection and dependability.