Logo Spotter Week 7: Video Game Typography

Guess The Video Game Typography And Fonts

When it comes to video game typography it’s all very exciting for me as I love video game fonts. First of all let’s mention the very interesting history of video game fonts. Surprisingly, traced back to the early days of game development in the 1970s. The first video game font was created by Atari for their game “Pong” in 1972. It was a simple font consisting of thin, block-like letters.

As video games advanced and became more complex, so did their fonts. In the 1980s, typography and fonts were primarily inspired by arcade games such as “Space Invaders” and “Pac-Man”. They often featured bold, pixelated letters.

For instance, in the 1990s we saw the rise of 3D graphics in video games, which led to the creation of 3D fonts. These fonts utilized shading and perspective to create a sense of depth.

In the 2000s and beyond, video game fonts continue to evolve, with some games featuring custom-designed fonts that reflect the game’s themes and characters. Today, video fonts are an important part of design, helping to convey information and create a cohesive visual style.

Modern Video Game Fonts

In modern video games, fonts play a crucial role in creating a compelling game experience. Here are a few examples of modern video game fonts: Check out other ones here


1. Fortnite – A typical font used in the logo and menu of Fortnite is called Burbank Big Condensed Black. It is a bold, uppercase font with a futuristic feel.


2. Overwatch – So, the Overwatch logo uses a unique font called BigNoodleTitling. After all, it is a condensed, uppercase font with a slight slant that enhances the game’s vibrant art style.


3. Apex Legends – Another example of modern video game fonts is Apex Legends logo. Featuring a custom font called Apex Sans. However, a modern, clean sans-serif font with sharp edges that adds to the game’s high-tech theme.


4. Horizon Zero Dawn – A video game font used in Horizon Zero Dawn is called Fira Sans. Versatile, sans-serif font with a clean and modern look that suits the game’s futuristic setting.


5. The last example is The Last of Us Part II. Created a custom font designed specifically for the game. It is a bold, sans-serif font with a distressed look that fits perfectly with the game’s post-apocalyptic theme.

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Let's take a guess!

This week’s Trivia Tuesday focuses on a topic close to my heart: video game fonts. As we have seen from previous Trivia Tuesdays, all it takes is a glance at the fonts and logo design used by some franchises in order to identify them, and video games are no exception. Can you guess the games these iconic fonts from come from (click to enlarge)?

Video game fonts and typography. You have to guess which game has which font.All different fonts


Please post your guesses below!


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