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Effective Logos With M

Welcome back ! Finally time for Friday Feature for logos beginning with M! I think it was probably a couple of years ago that we did logos with L

So again, Welcome back ! We are beginning where we left off. Focusing on different logos starting with the letters of the alphabet. This time its time for logos with M. We’ll work through the alphabet bi-weekly, highlighting some great logos. I’ll start with 5 logos that are very famous and continuing 5 that  we have created and are totally unknown right now. However who know is the future. You can then compare! See which ones you like the best. 

1. The world famous McDonald's logo with M

McDonald's logo design begins with the letter M. A very effective logo

Everybody recognizes it!  The logo features a yellow M on a red background. A very effective logo design that the entire world knows. Talk about making it big. Most of all, it has been extremely successful in creating brand recognition and is associated with fast food worldwide. 

A  bit of history to the McDonald’s logo. Also known as the “Golden Arches,” was first introduced in the 1950s. Not everybody knows that the logo was designed by Jim Schindler, who was part of the original franchisee of the McDonald’s chain.

It’s believed that the design was inspired by the architecture of the first McDonald’s restaurant.  Not sure that I believe that but okey. Which featured two yellow arches on either side of the building. Schindler thought that these arches could be used as a simple and recognizable symbol for the brand, and thus the Golden Arches logo was born.

Over time, the logo has become synonymous with McDonald’s, and it has been modified and updated several times. However, the basic design of two golden arches has remained a constant, and it continues to be one of the most recognizable logos with M  in the world today.

2. Mercedes-Benz. Luxury Logo Design For The High End Market

Mercedes-Benz is another luxury logo in the category logos beginning with the letter M. A three pointed star on a black car.

My favorite car has a gorgeous logo. I’m talking about the Mercedes-Benz logo which features a silver circle with a three-pointed star in the center. It is associated with luxury and high-quality vehicles. I do have a few friend that think that this car is mostly for old men but I tend to disagree. Being a woman in my best years. 

So understandably, the iconic Mercedes logo is one of the most recognizable logos with M in the automotive industry. Here are some fun facts:

1. The three-pointed star in the logo represents Mercedes’ dominance on land, air, and sea.
2. Interestingly, the logo was inspired by a postcard sent by Daimler to his wife, which depicted a star above their house with the words “one day, this star will bring us fortune.” I love that! Wish that could happen to me. 
3. Mercedes’ parent company, Daimler, merged with rival company Benz in 1926, creating the brand we know today.

 One interesting fact is the Buick’s logo which also features a circle with three arrows, like Mercedes’ but the arrows are thicker and blue, unlike Mercedes’ silver star. However despite sharing similarities in their logos, these brands each have their unique designs and identities that set them apart from one another.

3. The Microsoft Tech Logo

I have already reached our third effective logo that also begins with the letter M. That of the Microsoft logo. Incredibly recognizable logo that features a multicolored square with four quadrants. Nowadays, understandably, most people associate the logo with M with technology and innovation. It is just 4 cubes in different colors but with a good product and a hell of a lot of marketing. 

Historically, the Microsoft logo has changed since its founding in 1975. Imagine that the first logo was a stylized “O” with “Microsoft” in lowercase letters beneath it. More importantly, the iconic “blibbet” logo was introduced in 1980 until it was replaced by a more rectangular design in 1987.

First in 1994, the “windows” logo was introduced. Featuring four colored squares. However, the current logo design was introduced in 2012, featuring a square divided into four blue quadrants. After all, the internet logo is said to reflect the company’s focus on simplicity and modernity, and shows the company’s growth and evolution over the decades. I  do believe they found the meaning of the logo after it had been in use for many years. 

4. The Master Card Logo Design Also Begins With A M (Money)

Master card logo design. A beautiful grey card where the logo begins with the letter M. Money and power

Money. money. money. Other effective logos with  M include the Master Card logo.

First of all, the MasterCard logo was created in 1966 by Robert Slater. A not so famous graphic designer at the time. Actually, the design features two overlapping circles, one red and one yellow, with the image of a white overlapping V in the center. Firstly, the red circle represents loyalty and passion. Secondly, the yellow circle represents optimism and energy. As a result, the overlapping circles represent the relationships that the MasterCard brand helps to create between customers, merchants, and financial institutions. 

Over the past decades, the money logo has undergone minor updates and adjustments but has remained largely unchanged, becoming a widely recognized symbol of financial transactions worldwide.

5. The Motorola Effective Logo

A old mobile phone with the M logo for Motorola. Logos beginning with the letter M.

I absolutely used to love my Motorola mobil phone. My first love almost, one that I had to slide open to reach the minuscule little dials. Wow I though. It cannot get better than this, however it did. iPhones popped along and I was in love all over again. 

Admittingly, the Motorola logo is one of the most recognized and longest-standing logos in the world of technology. What’s not to love about it! Dating back to the company’s inception in 1928, when it was known as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. Not many people remember but the first phone logo beginning with the letter M featured the incomprehensible letters “GM” inside of a rectangle.

However, in 1947, the name was changed to Motorola and the logo was updated to the iconic and effective stylized “M” that is still used today. Furthermore, the high-tech logo‘s design, which was created by designer Morton Goldsholl, was meant to represent both a radio wave and a human figure with arms outstretched, symbolizing communication and connectivity.

In the recent years, the color and font of the logo have been updated. Keeping the basic design  the same. One can say that today, the Motorola logo represents a heritage of innovation and advancement in communication technology.

5 unknown logos with M

Why, I hear you say. Well, we have created a lot of logos over the years. Some for successful companies and some where it just did not work out. Some people lose their dreams along the way and get caught up with life. 

1. Meeks Mercentile Co.

The first examples is a blue and grey logo with M that we created for a technical consulting services for high tech and emerging markets (e.g., government contracts, quantum information systems, legacy IT system. I think it’s subtle and discreet but very classy. A great modern look. The customer wanted us to take inspiration from Maybach Mercedes-Benz  As well as from the Tiwaz Nordic rune 

2. Migliore Investment Group, LLC

Migliore Investment Group LLC is another great easy font "MG" combination logo that is subtle and discreet but very classy

A second example is Migliori Investment Group is a reputable financial services firm that offers personalized investment solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals Giving advice on including real estate planning, real estate investor, Flipper and Realtor, wealth management, and tax planning. Inspiration was taken from the color lavender as directed by the client and either very straight lines or cursive creative strategy. As s you can see we went for the latter, cursive creative style. Furthermore, the customer wanted mostly a classic look, straight lines. I believe we succeeded very well. 

3. Made Legal - Logo beginning with the letter M

Made Legal is a simple M and and L inside a cube, Logos beginning with M

The client had the following logo brief of what they wanted for their legal logo. “We are a virtually accessible law firm providing bespoke legal solutions in the core areas of real estate and business transactions. Services are ideally suited for real estate and business transactions. Most common services are expected to be residential for-sale-by-owner transactions, commercial purchase and sale transactions, and real estate investor agreements. All services are provided virtually through video calls, telephone calls, e-mail, and file sharing. Through webportal, clients can schedule time with an attorney”.  As you can see the result is a simple legal logo in a twisted cube in grey and blue. The ML are inside the cube. 

4. MEDics by Day streetwear logo starts with M

MEDics By Day street wear logo
Black & white version for the MED street wear logo. Simple font MED on black background
MEDics By Day all black version. MED is written in big letters. Good examples of logos beginning with M

Personally, I like this contemporary logo for MEDics by day,  streetwear company. This is a company that wanted a modern look, aimed at professional students between the ages of 16 and 45. The customer wanted a very simple silver fat font in three different versions. 

To have a trendy contemporary look we based ourself on the definition of medics and streetwear and what they have to do with each other.

Understandably, medical professionals are embracing street wear to express their individuality when off duty, breaking down traditional stereotypes associated with their profession. For instance, street wear draws inspiration from urban culture and is characterized by loose-fitting clothing, bold prints, and bright colors. While work hours often require plain and practical clothing due to dress codes, medical professionals are choosing to express themselves through street wear.

5. Moon Meadow handcrafts

Moon Meadow handcrafts romantic soft logo. A cute moon with three dangling stars.

Now we have arrived at my last logo with M and it’s the pretty, romantic Moon Meadow Handcrafts. The customer did not send a lot of inspiration but let my logo designers have free hands on what to design. She did say that she  “was thinking of having a crescent moon in the logo” so this is the beautiful result. 

The shop prides themselves on making unique handmade bath bombs, soaps, and candles. Handcrafted from the home in Austin, Texas, and smell amazing.  Moon Meadow Handcrafts has something for everyone.

Wrapping Up this Friday Features with Logos beginning with the letter M

As s you can see, I love logos. They can come in all shapes and fonts. The famous logos have a lot of money and branding behind them. So called successful companies. The last five unknown logos with M are just as nice and potentially just as successful. You just have to follow your dreams and put in the hours. Basically, believe and all will go well. See you next Friday.  If you want to see all of the Friday Feature.

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