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Tattoo Logo Design Explained


People get tattoos for a range of reasons. They do it to honor loved ones, to show their team spirit, and to express themselves in a profound and, usually, permanent way. As the owner of a tattoo business, you understand tattoo culture.


How can you communicate to current and potential clients that your tattoo parlor is one where they can come for both touch-ups and fresh body art? One way to do so is through an attention-grabbing tattoo logo design that showcases your business’s personality. What elements do you need to consider when you’re choosing your logo?


Learning the Logo Ropes


A logo speaks volumes about your business, so finding the ideal logo is first an exercise of knowing the unique feel of your tattoo parlor. Do you cater mostly to the rough and tough crowd who make liberal use of tattoos? Do you more often see folks who want some subtle ink? Maybe you only do henna tattoos, or perhaps your business goes even beyond tattoos to body piercings. Analyze your target clientele. Then, you will be ready to dive into logo design.


The best logos make wise use of typography, color, and images. Choose each of these items with both your business and your clients in mind.


Tattoo Industry Typography


The fonts used in the tattoo industry run the gamut from simple and bold to elegant and chic; the type of font you choose is solely up to you, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when making a selection:


1) Serif fonts, where the letters have feet, convey a message of tradition and reliability. These may work best in situations where most clients have strong values and a well-defined code of honor.


2) Sans-serif fonts, those where letters do not have feet, are clean and modern. A quick Internet search reveals that sans-serif fonts are somewhat rare in the tattoo industry.


3) Script fonts, those that mimic meticulous handwriting, carry a feeling of elegance, creativity, and affection. These fonts show up in the tattoo industry fairly regularly.


4) Display fonts, which are unique and don’t really fit into any other category, are a tool you can use to showcase your artistic talent. While this sort of typography doesn’t exactly saturate the tattoo industry, it is still a viable option because display fonts are as limitless as body art itself.


You are an artist yourself, so you are likely well acquainted with a variety of fonts. Use that knowledge to your advantage when you are narrowing down the typography choices for your logo.


Common Colors in the Tattoo Industry


Black and white logos abound in the tattoo industry. Why? Because black and white is a striking combination that is simple, traditional, and sophisticated. The classic pair also comes with the advantage that very few people dislike it; even your clients who have strong opinions about colors will have a hard time finding fault with black and white.


Of course, if black and white isn’t the right fit for you, there are some other colors that can work well in a tattoo industry logo. Consider:


1) Red: Red is an eye-catching hue that communicates feelings of strength, vigor, and courage. It even has the power to raise people’s pulse rates.


2) Brown: Brown gets a bad rap, but it can be effective in old-style tattoo parlors that want to capture an Old West feeling. This color conveys tradition and reliability.


3) Yellow: This sunshiny color portrays both confidence and caution.


While the above colors appear most frequently in logos in the tattoo industry, keep in mind that you shouldn’t limit yourself to what is common. If you feel that a stroke of blue or a bold bit of neon green is just what you need, don’t hold back from including it. The Internet provides a plethora of tattoo parlor logos from which you can glean inspiration.


Choose Images to Fit Your Brand


A logo is all about giving the right impression of your business; to make your message come across in the right way, you may choose to include images. Some figures that make frequent appearances in tattoo logos are:


1) Flames

2) Skulls

3) Guns and other weapons

4) Crowns


All of the above images convey a feeling of toughness and power. They may work well for attracting the more ink-saturated crowds and other folks who take pride in their freedom and fearlessness. At the same time, however, it’s wise to keep in mind that some images can push away mild folks who just want a little ink to remember a loved one or commemorate an event. If your business is in a white-collar neighborhood, you may want to choose tamer images or choose to forgo imagery altogether.


How Does It All Fit Together?


A logo is more than a collection of parts; it is a cohesive unit that gives potential customers a first look at your business. Hence, it is vital that the image, colors, and typography of a logo come together in an appealing way. The most effective logos have some common traits, including:


1) Simplicity: Your business is all about a special kind of art, but that doesn’t mean you should get carried away with your logo. Too many images, an overbearing font, or clashing colors can overwhelm your logo and undermine its effect.


2) Timelessness: You don’t want your logo to be outdated in a few years; it should hold the potential to define your business for decades to come.


3) Memorability: Good logos immediately call your business to mind; they don’t make people say, “that’s familiar, but I don’t know why.”