Sit, Fido! Marketing and Branding to Pet Owners


Everywhere you look, there seem to be more people with pets. Many businesses have become more pet-friendly to accommodate the needs of their customers. Plus, many people love animals so it is really difficult to not get on board the pet train. This is why business owners should capitalize on marketing and branding strategies for pet owners. Businesses may see that they will have some great success with being able to target consumers where it matters to them most: through their pets.


Rise of Pet Ownership

It is no question that many pets have become an intricate part of the family. Pet owners will leave their pets at “hotels” made for animals when they go out of town. Pets have even become somewhat of the substitute for couples having children. They are low maintenance and provide owners with unconditional love and loyalty. Parents have also begun to gift pets to babies and children. Pets provide a type of relationship that can never be replicated with that of a human. The companionship that pet owners feel with their pets is the reason why many businesses have seen the marketing opportunity for their strategies.


Businesses should capitalize on this demographic of consumers because they are growing more and more each day. The rise of pet ownership continues to be a good group to target in the business market.



As mentioned, many places are becoming more pet-friendly where the entrance to a business is no longer limited to service animals. As long as pets are on a leash or in a crate, it seems that more establishments are open with the concept of pet parenting. Many businesses also offer food and drink bowls for pets that are outside in their patio areas. Drive-thru places also provide owners with biscuits for dogs when they show up in the line.


Marketing to Pet Owners

One way to target pet owners is by showing that you care about pets. When a consumer sees that your business cares more about its community than making a quick dollar, he or she is more likely to make a purchase from you. For example, Subaru has an entire campaign centered around their love for dogs. They offer customers magnets and stickers that say “I love dogs.”



Having a strong online presence is important for marketing to pet owners. Pet owners range in generations, but many are doing things online more than ever before. Companies that engage with audiences online have a better chance of connecting with them in a non-traditional way. Plus, in this millennial-driven age, technology accessible content is almost mandatory. So, for pet insurance companies, offering consumers a chance to view their policies view mobile apps is convenient and catering to their demands.



On top of being dominant online, content should be relatable and engaging. Do not just send stuff to pet owners because they are pet owners. Provide them with meaningful content such as teaching them about pet safety and health. For instance, you can send out a newsletter about keeping pets inside during hot summer months or recommended hours of exercise on a weekly basis. Consumers will be able to see that you care about their pets, which then helps them become more trustworthy of you.


Branding to Pet Owners

Community involvement is essential to building a positive brand with your consumers. A good way to target pet owners would be by sending employees to animal shelters to volunteer. Or you can even hold your own adoption event as some breweries have done so in partnership with local animal shelters. At colleges, employees are encouraged to bring their pets to work to reduce stress levels.



Another important thing to remember when it comes to branding your business is to always be authentic. Pet owners care about authenticity and businesses who represent true values. Because they care about their own pet’s well-being, businesses need to show that they care as well. The moment that a client or potential client sees that your business is true behind morals and business values, the more likely they are to engage with you.



In addition to being authentic, you need to be able to provide quality products/services. As a business who may sell pet food and supplements, be sure that you can back up your promise. If your promise is that you only make natural and quality food, then keep it that way in the delivery of your product. You cannot claim to provide great products only to have consumers return your products due to poor quality. This will negatively affect your business numbers and brand, overall.


Logo Designing for Pet Owners

A logo matters when it comes to marketing and branding to pet owners. They will want to see something that correlates to your business values. So, be sure that your logo includes meaningful things such as images, colors and any applicable mottos related to your business. Then, you should think about placing your logos on your products in places that will help promote your brand. This means you should have your logo on product bags, cards and anything you feel would create more exposure for your business. Your goal is to have your logo become recognizable without the need to look up a company name. For potential consumers, the logo may be the first thing they see so leaving a good first impression is ideal for your company.




It is no question that pet owners are a great demographic group that businesses can center their marketing and branding campaigns around. In doing so, businesses can begin to build a relationship with a group of people who make up a large percentage of consumer populations. As you begin to build your strategies, keep these concepts in mind as they will help your business thrive successfully and make positive impacts in your community. So, if you are not an animal lover, it is time to shift your thinking!

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