The Science of Logo Design Part 1: Introduction

What is even the science of logo design? Well, logo design applies scientific principles and techniques to create effective visual identities for brands. Designers leverage research, psychology, and marketing principles to appeal to target audiences using design elements including color theory, typography, and negative space. Following new technology and design trends ensures logos remain relevant. Furthermore, designers also analyze data and feedback to refine and improve logos, communicating a brand’s purpose, values, and personality.

When you think of logo design, what comes to mind first?
How do you relate to logos in the world around you?

Two circles with the words Science and Art. In the science of logo you need to get the balance right

Science of Logo Design  – Contemporary Logos 

First of all, contemporary logos are an intricate part of business, media, and culture in the 21st Century. However, logos are not a new concept. The first logos date back as far as 5000 years ago to Mesopotamia when items such as bottle stoppers began to feature symbols and names. Above all, this was as part of an effort to ensure quality and develop trust. Some might think logos are unnecessary or not that important in the grand scheme of business, but the function of a logo is incredibly vital to company and product success and sales.


Doodle Logos – Essential Logos

With many competing products, designs, and companies, contemporary logo design has become quite a commodity. Unfortunately, many companies offering lightning fast turnover for designing a company logo are not taking the time necessary to create an effective logo, which can create problems in the long run. In recent days there seems to be an impression among some that creating a company logo is as easy as simply doodling on a page and slapping in some typography or some colors.

However, the science of logo design is much more intricate than mere doodles, colours and text. Even if the design is gorgeous and engaging to look at, it may not be beneficial for the company if the designers have not thought it through.


The Science Of Logo Design Involves Thinking It Through Properly

Unfortunately, pulling logos out of thin air is a common activity nowadays, and the effect is rarely beneficial for the company. Logos that are not well researched, thought through, and planned are inevitably going to lead to poor results for a company and even misunderstandings brought on through unfortunate colour choices or inadvertent (sometimes unpleasant or awkward) hidden meanings in the design.

There are many key elements to effective company logo design. The first element is research. Every designer must spend time getting to know the brand and company, its vision and personality. Research into the industry and the character of each company you design for is vital. A company’s goals, personality, and target audience will define what direction to take in designing the logo.

Essentials in Logos – A Logo Is Not A  Brand

Firstly, we must realise that a logo is not a brand. A logo is a symbolic representation of an entity. It is the face of the brand. The brand is the personality, and the impression left with customers after engaging with the company, product, or service. Just as your face is not the sum total of you but still very much a part of you, so the logo is not the sum total of the brand and all its parts or essences. Still, getting the face of a company right is incredibly important. If the design is not appealing and does not successfully capture your company’s essence, it is highly likely this will result in fewer sales and less likelihood of success for your brand.

A Great Logo Is Essential For Creating A Successful Business.

Over the next twelve months, we will feature a series of articles focusing on the essential elements and things to keep in mind when designing a logo or seeking to have a logo designed for your company. It is our goal to ensure you get the logo your company deserves. So come and explore the Science of Logo Design with us this year.

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