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Most of all, you need to attract customers from the main street with an attractive hairdresser logo. That goes without saying. Of course reputation is also important but I dare to state that a hair logo design for your studio is the single most important thing for you. 


So I made this guide is to show the evolution of hairdresser logo designs to hopefully inspire you to create the perfect hair logo for your studio. After all, if your logo attracts customers then the rest is up to you. It’s going to be hard work but rewarding. 

The Evolvement Of The 60s Hairdresser Logo

Not surprisingly, the classic 60s hairdresser logo has evolved and changed throughout the years. For instance, in the 1960s, the logo typically featured a silhouette of a woman in profile with flowing, geometric hair.

A gold logo design of a silhouette of a woman's face with flowing hair. A perfect hairdresser logo design that could have been made in the 60s

Some might remember that in the 1960s, many hairdressers’ logos incorporated bold and futuristic designs that reflected the era’s cultural and technological advancements. One famous example is the Vidal Sassoon logo, which featured a highly stylized letter “S” with sharp angles and a diagonal cut that represented the precision of Sassoon’s haircuts. Some famous hair dressers worked were born in the 60s setting the styles for the future. 


Another notable logo was the “Atomic Hair” mark, which paired a playful cartoon atom with a bold sans-serif typeface. Mostly to emphasize the salon’s trendy and innovative approach to hair styling.


Some logos of the time featured whimsical representations of hair and fashion trends. For example  the “Bouffant” logo, which depicted a voluminous hairstyle with a playful, kitschy sensibility. Overall, hairdresser logos of the 60s reflected the era’s energetic, optimistic, and forward-thinking spirit. Not surprisingly, continue to inspire hairdressers and designers today. Don’t you just love bouffant hairstyles?

Picture of a woman in a bouffant hairstyle in the 60s. A hairdresser logo needs to have style and be attractive
Bouffant hairstyle on a beautiful woman in the 60s


Nature Inspired Hairdresser Logos In The 70s

As the trends of the 70s brought more natural, free-flowing hairstyles, the logos became more rounded and shapes influenced by nature began to emerge.


For instance, these logos featured leafy designs, floral patterns, and other elements of the natural world. Understandably, the inspiration for these logos came from the growing environmental movement of the decade, which encouraged people to connect with nature and protect the planet.


Most of all, hairdressers saw these logos as a way to express their commitment to sustainability and their love of the natural world. These hairdresser logos were also a reflection of the trends in fashion and design during the era. Pushing for a return to natural styles and materials.

Overall, nature-inspired hairdresser logos in the 70s were both a reflection of and a response to the changing cultural and environmental attitudes of the time.

Mother Earth Beauty supply is a logo that was inspired by the 70s with lots of colorful flowers in the hair.


Colorful Hair Logos In The 80s

In the 80s, logos became more colorful and abstract, reflecting the bright pop culture of the time. Above all, hairdresser logo designs were then characterized by bright colors, bold fonts, and vintage-inspired illustrations. Therefore, the use of neon colors like pink, blue, yellow, and green was particularly popular and was often combined with black or white backgrounds to create a striking contrast.


So in short, popular logo motifs included hairstyles, scissors, combs, and other hairdressing tools, as well as drawings of fashionable women with big hairdos.


One of the most iconic features of 80s hairdresser logo designs was their use of different geometric shapes, like triangles, squares, diamonds, and circles. Most importantly, these shapes were often used to create frames around the logo or to highlight certain elements of the design.


The typography, on the other hand, was usually bold, with thick and slightly rounded letters that gave a sense of playfulness and creativity. Overall, these colorful hairdresser logo designs of the 80s were a reflection of the vibrant and dynamic spirit of that era.

Color UR Beauty hair and beaty design in the shape of a colorful butterfly.


The Minimalistic 90s

So finally , the 90s embraced simplicity and minimalism. Therefore with logos featuring simple fonts and small illustrations. In the 90s, minimalism was a big trend in graphic design, including for hair logos. These minimalist logos usually featured a simple, sleek, and clean design, often with monochromatic color schemes, and the use of negative space to create simple yet effective imagery.


For example, many hair logos utilized iconography associated with the beauty industry, such as scissors, brushes, or hair strands. However cleverly presented in a subtle, minimalist way. Not surprisingly, this design trend was well-suited for hair salons and barbershops looking for a modern, timeless identity. Adding a touch of  sophistication and elegance. Even today, the minimalistic hair logos of the 90s remain popular, evoking a sense of simplicity and refined aesthetics.

Hairsquad is a blue minimalistic hair logo design with a single hair on the left handmade of the font

As you can see the evolution of hairdresser logo design over the years have been quite dramatic. However, the questions remains, do you need to take the evolution into account when creating one for your own studio? Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, because you then can make a decision whether or not you want to follow some of the great names and find inspiration from them. 

On the other hand, you can go your own way and just create a hair logo that you like. Regardless of what the big masters have made. 

The Making Of A Successful Logo For A Hairdresser

More importantly, a successful logo for a hairdresser or a design for a beauty saloon should visually communicate the salon’s style and overall aesthetic to attract its target audience. The use of easily recognizable and appropriate shapes and colors that are related to hair styling. Like for example, scissors, combs, or hair strands, can enhance the effectiveness of the logo.


Lettering And Typography

When designing a logo for a hairdresser, it’s important to keep in mind that the typography and lettering used in the design can influence how the business is perceived. Therefore, choose a font that is easy to read and clean in order to avoid confusion when it comes to the brand name. Using a cursive or script font for more upscale, high-end salon would be appropriate.

However, using a bold and modern font for a cool and casual salon would be more suitable. Don’t forget that you can also experiment with different font sizes and weights to create a unique look.


Some hair salons utilize the name of the business in the logo as a way to brand the identity and build recognition. Simplicity is key in a successful logo, as it makes it easily recognizable and memorable.


Furthermore, the logo should be versatile in different mediums without losing its intention. Most if all, the less complicated the design, the easier it is to remember and identify the salon. Ultimately, a successful hairdresser’s logo should reflect the salon’s brand identity and personality while standing out among other competitors.

Wrapping Up On The Hairdresser Logo Guide

In conclusion, designing a hairdresser logo involves considering various elements such as font, color, shape, and imagery. Furthermore, it is critical to choose a font that is legible, appealing, and reflective of the brand’s values. Understandably, colors should complement the brand’s personality, convey color emotions, and be suitable for the industry.


After all, shapes can communicate various messages and create a visual impact. So remember that, imagery such as scissors, combs, or a silhouette can be used to represent the industry. Additionally, it is also essential to ensure that the logo is scalable, memorable, versatile, and unique.


Last few words, these factors will help establish a positive feel of the brand and create an emotional connection with potential customers. In summary, designing a hairdresser logo requires thoughtful consideration and a strategic approach to create a lasting, distinct, and recognizable visual identity. You can do it. Just look at the evolution from the 60s to the 90s and pick a look you like. 

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