Undeniable Proof That You Need A Square Logo

So, square logos are popular and trendy. However, mostly used by corporate companies and not by small companies. I want to talk more about logo shapes and in this blog I want to in particularly, discuss square logo shapes. Mostly because I believe that they can be for small companies as well as big corporates. After all, this design offers many possibilities and can be very beneficial when it comes to printing and producing marketing materials. If you are curious to find out more about geometry in design 

These Mystical Meaning Of Squre Shapes

In architecture, square shapes are often associated with stability, balance and symmetry. An interesting fact is that in many mystical traditions, such as feng shui and sacred geometry, the square is seen as a symbol of the earth element, which has grounding and stabilizing qualities.

In addition, the square is often associated with the number four, which is a powerful symbol in many cultures. Representing wholeness, completion and the balance of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.  

In Hinduism, the square is seen as a representation of the sacred space known as the mandala, which is used in meditation and healing practices.

Overall, square shapes in architecture hold great significance, representing above all a deeper spiritual meanings related to balance, stability and wholeness.

The Benefits Of Having A Square Logo Shape For A Small Business

Let’s look at the undeniable proofs that you need to try out such a simple shape. 


1. Versatility: Can be easily adapted to fit on multiple mediums, from website headers to social media profile pictures. Even without losing the integrity of the logo design. Basically, if you can imagine it on something, its very likely that you can add it to any medium. 


2. Boldness: Another aspect is defintely its boldness. For instance, a square logo can give the impression of strength, stability, and professionalism. Mostly because,  it is a more geometric and symmetrical shape. You look proud and sure of yourself, even if you are not. 


3. Simplicity: Not to forget as it is easily recognized and remembered by customers due to its simplicity. Complicated logo are not always so easy to remember. Its important to find  and create a balanced design.


4. Consistent Brand Identity: A square logo can provide a consistent brand identity for a small business. For instance, it can be easily recognizable across multiple platforms. You need to be consistent in everything. From the way your shopwindow looks to how you present your header on Facebook. 


5. Easy to Design: Relatively easy shape to design, which can save small business owners time and money in the logo creation process. Some companies offer discounts if you just want something simple. However the simplest things are usually the hardest to come up with. Most of all that really depends on you and what you have in mind. 

Small Companies We Created Square Logos For In The Past

Below you can find four examples of square logos that we have designed for happy clients in the past. Admittedly, I am very proud of these as I belive them to be very recognizable. These are all small companies that did not really have an idea of what shape they wanted but ended up with square logos for one reason or another. 

Square logo for Social Smart Homes. Little houses in different shapes. Looks like an old church window.
VNO stands for Veterans night out. A black and blue profile of New York City. Square logo that is very memorable.
Radical Web in orange and blue. The orange is a cloud and the blue represents heaven
Sounds Correct is an all blue (different shades) square logo with the profile of a face and rings around the ear to symbolise hearing

Let’s look at these a bit closer:


The first example, Social Smart Homes is a building design that we created a few years ago. He based his idea on having glass stained window and the designers created the colorful square shaped logo. 


Second example is one of my favorite square logo in the past 23 years that I have created logos. The VNO, veterans night out logo is just so memorable with its back and blue combination. This fine square shaped logo is now part of our portfolio under veterans 

The still active Veterans Night Out (“VNO”) is a non-profit organization, established to reward veterans for their service to our country year-round. All men and women who have served in the military can register to become verified members of VNO and be eligible for our rewards program. 


Third one up, Radical Web, an extremly memorable icon in orange and blue and it really pops out. I think this is undeniable proof of a very sucessful logo design color and shape


Last example that I picked that we created for your customer is Sounds Correct, a hearing company that wanted to show exactly what they do. I think it is pretty obviouys that the company deals with hearing aids. 

Examples Of Big Corporate Companies With Square Logo Shapes?

Undeniably, square logo shapes are a popular choice among big corporate companies due to their simplicity and versatility. Some examples include:

  • Microsoft: The square-shaped logo with four differently colored squares is instantly recognizable.
  • Walmart: The blue and yellow box is a widely recognized symbol in retail.
  • Samsung: The blue square with curved edges represents innovation, reliability and connectivity.
  • Canon: The red square with a white ‘C’ represents confidence and quality.
  • FedEx: The purple and orange square with bold typeface represents speed and reliability.
  • Toyota: The red and white square with a ‘T’ represents strength and durable vehicles.
  • BBC: The Bristish televsions compnay uses an easily recognizable design.
  • Intel: The blue square composed of multiple parts represents technology, innovation, and connectivity.

Most squares are usually a single color, but they can be used in combination with different elements to make them memorable, distinct, and appealing to the company’s target audience.

The Advantages Of Printing A Versatile Design

Above all, printing a square logo offers numerous advantages for businesses. After all, it offers a symmetrical shape that is easily recognizable and can be printed on a wide range of marketing materials such as business cards, websites, clothing, product packaging, and banners.


Furthermore, a square also allows for easy scaling and can be resized without losing its shape, or compromising its visibility. Therefore, also suitable for various mediums and can be used in a variety of orientations. Including vertical and horizontal, without compromising its visual appeal. Compared to other logo shapes, a square logo is also easier to read and remember.

Additionally, companies can effectively convey their brand message through a square logo with the use of complementary colors, images, and text.

Wrapping Up - Versatility And Simplicity Is For Everyone

In conclusion, undeniably, a square logo provides versatility, scalability, legibility, and visual appeal to businesses when printed.

It is not only for the big corporations but very suitable for small start ups, trying to make a name for themselves. So undeniably you need a square logo in your life, like I just said. At The Logo Company, we understand how important it is for our clients to feel proud of their logo and for their customers to remember them. Next one up will be diamond designs.

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