Adapting your Logo for Christmas

Over the last few years we’ve seen several online companies change and adapt their logos to different seasons, but none more than for the Christmas season.


Google of course adapts its logo very often. Its innovation and creativity in logo design has created a precedence which many internet companies are looking to replicate.


Christmas brings out the cheerful and mischievous child in all of us so it’s not surprising that entertaining, cute, and fun logo adaptations appear across the web at this time of year.


Adapting your business logos for the Christmas season can be quite simple or complicated, depending on what you have in mind. Being sensitive to different religions is also important. Note that Google changes its logo for Hanukkah and Chinese New Year as well as for Christmas.


Generally, choosing a winter snowy theme (incorporating snow flakes, sleds, or snow people) is a good idea or simply adding a red and white Santa Claus hat to your logo. Obviously discretion should come from your team when considering decorating your logo for the holiday season.


Here are a few great Christmas Logo adaptations from recent years to get you inspired for your own:







If you’re interested in adapting your logo for Christmas and need some help, please get in touch.

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