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If you’re developing a smartphone app for your organization, app logos should be top of mind. These small images appear on users’ interfaces when navigating on Android or iOS. They should look good and provide relevant information to help your app stand out from the competition. Critically, app logos are not just smaller versions of your company logo. They are unique identifiers for your app and should represent what it does and what you want to communicate. Getting the design right will help you stand out from the thousands of
other apps in the app store.

This post explains why companies need an app logo with names. It then discusses some of the benefits of these logos and the problems that can occur. Finally, it rounds off with some ideas for logos. By the end, you will understand why these logos matter and how to implement them effectively in your business.

Why Do Organizations Need An App Logo?

App logos are more than just a visual effect. They are a potent tool to help your organization market its software on crowded digital marketplaces.

Create Better First Impressions

First, organizations need an app logo to create better first impressions. Users scrolling through dozens of apps on the app store may pass over apps with substandard or
generic-looking imagery. With so much competition, it’s easy for mediocre visuals to get buried. Worse still, a poorly designed logo can make users distrust your app or confuse it with others. You may find it never performs how you hope. Fortunately, getting the design right can help, but it doesn’t happen automatically. It requires a systematic approach and regular testing to ensure performance.

Build Brand Recognition

Creating a high-performing app logo is also essential for organizations because it builds superior brand recognition. While the imagery shouldn’t be a carbon copy of your regular logo, it should echo it. Being consistent through its name, color scheme, typography, and voice can help make it more memorable. It can also encourage users to link it with your brand across contexts and platforms. Icons should evoke the same emotions and associations as your core branding assets.

Set The Tone And Mood

Tone and mood are two more reasons your organization needs an app logo. Specific designs and colors tell users what to expect if they click the link.
For instance, playful and colorful logos suggest a fun and casual app, while minimalist and sleek logos evoke a sense of professionalism or sophistication. Getting these choices right becomes easier when you approach professionals.

Differentiate The App From Its Competitors

Finally, organizations require logos to differentiate their apps from the competition. They need something that stands out in a list and immediately communicates the app’s niche, benefits, and features. Distinctive and original logos may perform better and reduce the risk of confusion or infringement on similar apps

The Benefits Of App Logos With Names

Examples of companies that use app logos with names next to them include Windows, Slack, Zoom, Intel, Hubspot, and Nvidia. For instance, consider the following example from TikTok. It shows how to combine text
and logos masterfully:

Hand holdimg a mobile with the app logo for TikTok

But what are the benefits of these types of logos? And why do so many major brands use them? Let’s take a look.

More Memorable And Recognizable

The top benefit of app logos with names is that they are more memorable and
recognizable than standard alternatives. Combining imagery with words helps to create
associations and communicates more meaning than a small image alone.
App logos with names are more successful with unique or catchy descriptions. Spotify,
Netflix, and Instagram are all excellent examples of this in action

Sportify app logo on a screen in green an black
Lyft graphic designs

Get Found Faster

A name next to your app logo also helps users find you faster. Words are powerful visual cues for some users, letting them match their search queries with your app. It may also reduce the cognitive effort required in scanning a page of results.

Be More Consistent And Coherent

Another reason for choosing app logos with names is that they are more consistent and coherent. They make it easier to create a predictable brand across digital contexts,
platforms, and domains, including smartphone and tablet operating systems. Words can clarify your app’s name and indicate what it might enable users to do. Sometimes
just a few characters are all users require to differentiate you from your rivals..

Greater Expression And Creativity

A fourth benefit of app logos with names is that they enable you to inject more personality and creativity into logo design. Words may enhance creativity and flair when combined with custom fonts or colors. Netflix is an excellent example of this. The brand uses a unique typeface and style to get people in the mood to watch movies and stream series.

A Tv Screen with Netfliks sign

Other good examples of brands that use the power of expression in logo design include Snapchat, Uber, and LinkedIn. You can enhance creativity further by combining app logos with “wordmarks” that complement each other. Successful digital brands do this expertly to express
themselves better.

Problems That Can Occur With App Logos With Names

Of course, it’s not all plain sailing. Many brands get into trouble when combining app logos with names or words. Even major companies go through trial and error before
arriving at a successful formula.

So what are the main problems that come up?

Wordy Names

While Netflix, Twitter, and Uber all have short names, many brands don’t. Therefore,
naming apps in just a few characters can be challenging.
Some brands find ways around this. One way is to abbreviate your business name or brand to a couple of characters or a single letter. Facebook famously does this with its “f” symbol. You can also cut out words like “limited” or “solutions” to make your name shorter. If there’s a clever way of condensing the name without infringing on anyone’s trademark or losing meaning, try that, too.

Generic Names

Generic names are another problem when combining app logos with names. Companies that don’t stand out risk users skipping over them in the app store. Make sure your app’s name differs from competitors’ significantly. Also, make sure it sounds like the service it offers. Say “no” to the words “solutions” or “enterprise” in them, as they may put users off.

Misaligned Names

Another problem with app logos and names is a misalignment between the image and the text. A non-complementary voice can confuse and lead consumers to seek out competitors’ products that make more visual sense. If you’re unsure whether your name and logo align, speak to a professional logo designer. Only choose words that reflect your brand and complement your visual identity.

Illegible Names

Lastly, some brands get into trouble when names become illegible on different backgrounds or devices. Words that are too small, thin, or light can easily blend into the background, making them harder for users to see.

You can solve this problem by:

Using A Clear Font

Many clear fonts are available. Options include Helvetica, Sans Serif, and Garamond.

Adjusting The Contrast

Avoid the risk of a white logo on a white background. Increase the contrast to
maximum if necessary.

Testing Your Name And Logo On A Variety Of Backgrounds

Ensure your app logo and name remain visible even if users enable “dark mode” or have non-standard background colors on their devices.

Ideas For App Logos With Names

This post already introduced some app logos with name ideas from famous brands.

This section gives some more ideas for additional inspiration.


Famous logo app in yellow.

Snapchat’s logo is a white ghost on a yellow background. It highlights the app’s ephemeral nature, with texts disappearing after a few seconds.
Snapchat uses a sans-serif font to capture the app’s playful nature. Combined, the words and image complement each other beautifully.


Instagram logo in pink

Instagram is another excellent example of how to maximize your app logo aesthetic. The brand uses a script font combined with a stylized camera icon. The beautiful multi-tonal design is inviting and makes you want to fire up the app as soon as you see it in the app store. Notice how the name complements the image. Both work together.


Lyft graphic designs

Lastly, the ridesharing app Lyft also does a great job with its app logo PNG file. The pink color scheme and wavy, lower-case font immediately stand out.

Now You’re Ready To Create Beautiful App Logos With Names!

Having read this article, you’re now in a position to start creating beautiful app logos with names. You know what makes them impactful and what to avoid. You’ve also seen numerous examples of what works already for inspiration.

The Logo Company’s professional logo design services abide by the best practices discussed in this post, helping you create something memorable and brand-supporting.

Get custom-designed app logos that match the voice and personality of your brand with us today

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