How to Market Your Business to Target Newlyweds

To target newlyweds is a good idea since they are likely to need to buy goods.

First of all, marketing to newlyweds can make money if done correctly. There is a lot of excitement that surrounds weddings and the people that are a part of them. Following the wedding, couples will start making other big decisions together and many of those are centered around purchases. Many times, businesses can capitalize greatly from marketing to newlyweds. Not to mention, they can focus their attention on marketing to double the amount of customers than normal. This stage in life is very important for couples. They begin to build their lives together and at the same time, buy needed products and services together as well.

Marketing to newlyweds is a lucrative business. Car with a sign "Just Married"

Who are Newlyweds?

Newlyweds are a great group to target because they range in different age groups. Plus, when you look at their overall financial situations, getting married typically means that they are in a more financially stable state of mind. They can most likely to commit to things, which is always a plus for any business. Committed customers are the best customers. Furthermore, it means that they are consistent and responsible. So, keeping newlywed couples engaged will ensure they will continue to do business with you.

Younger couples are also getting married at prime ages and that makes it perfect for a business to market to them. The younger the generation, the more likely they are going to participate in consumerism. For instance, for those wanting to purchase a home, they will definitely do so after getting married. Mortgage companies and real estate agents can identify the needs of a newlywed couple and potentially make a sale. Another effective method would be to leave business cards at local stores and coffee shops so that they can increase their exposure to couples who may have never worked with a real estate agent before.

Even for those who are in their 2nd or 3rd marriages, these newlywed couples are just as important to market to as those in their first marriages. If anything, they have a little more experience in the life stages that follow a marriage. So, they may be looking for businesses to provide them with those products or services as well.


If Life Stage Shifts so should marketing to newlyweds 

First of all, marriage means commitment, thus it means that those involved are committing to responsibility. Furthermore, they are responsible with their emotional, physical and physiological capacities. Couples will want to move forward in other life stages throughout their marriage. For example, this could mean buying a new home, having children and taking more family vacations. As their lives begin to shift into more important stages, newlyweds are looking towards businesses who can deliver on promise and quality.

Most importantely, getting married represents a level of maturity and this translates to being able to make more sound decisions in purchases. Perhaps a business can market a specific commercial that talks about the shift in stages for a couple. For newlyweds, they may not know exactly what the next steps are so a business who takes charge and provides those resources are ones they will look to working with.

Target Newlyweds – Moving from “I” to “Us” 

As two people become married, they transition from being an Individual to a team. This also means that major decisions will be made with one another in mind. These types of compromises also mean that newlyweds have more flexibility when it comes to making purchases.

Shifting from individual to team decisions is a big deal. “I” becomes “We” and from there, another person is always taken into consideration before any purchase. Furthermore, this is why some businesses may target the husband, but also provide marketing to the wife to get her on board as well. For example, the NFL will create clothing lines for the couple or entire family to engage them in the sport. For the majority of the time, husbands are more likely to be involved in the sport, but marketers will engage with the wives by creating fashionable items for them as well. This way, they can help support the husband’s teams too.


A Variety of Businesses Can Benefit when Marketing To Newlyweds

There are a lot of different businesses that can benefit from marketing towards newlyweds. For instance, banks may target them in case they are wanting to open joint accounts to share financial responsibilities. They might also help newlyweds with getting their first homes and financing a mortgage. Financial situations can be stressful but banks and lending institutions can provide guidance and resources to help couples in that regard.

Car dealerships would be another business that can see a boost in their sales from marketing to newlyweds. New couples will most likely be in store for purchasing a new or used vehicle. They could be doing so to either supplement or replace their cars. A smart strategy would be to send home mailers to neighborhoods offering discounts and promos for anyone who comes to test drive a vehicle.


Different marketing strategies to target newlyweds

Department stores can also benefit from targeting their marketing strategies to newly married couples. Often times, couples may set up a registry for their wedding through department stores. This means that in order to entice couples to use them, department stores should provide more benefits to engage with the newlyweds and those buying gifts for them. They might offer consumers 10% off for every item purchased on a registry item to set themselves apart from typical registry programs. In addition to this, businesses could provide mobile-friendly registry lists to make it more convenient for shoppers.

For instance, newlywed couples are probably looking into buying a home or at least moving in together. So, this means that furniture stores can see a boost in their sales if they strategically target newlyweds in their marketing campaigns. Above all, a good way to do this would be by bundling room sets at a discounted rate or offering free items with the purchase of another.

A man holding his hand over his wifes back. Looking lovingly inot her eyes. Marketing to newlyweds is to be made with love and attention.


 How To Market Towards Newlyweds – Conclusion

In conclusion, with it being such an important milestone in life, newlywed couples are certainly going to be part of a new consumer market. Above all, they will be moving on to purchasing other couple-centered items. Perhaps, such as homes, cars, and furniture. Eventually, they will move on to having children, which places them in another consumer spectrum. Therefore, there are many opportunities that businesses can take advantage of when targeting newly married couples. However, remember to have a soul when marketing to newlyweds. More on how to set up your own wedding business. Flowers and cakes starting a wedding business

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