Logo Spotter: Week 1

Welcome to our first Trivia Tuesday!

Each week we’ll put something here to challenge your perception and get your mind racing about logos, design, and typography. This week we’re starting with Logo Spotter. 


Who says a logo can’t be recognised when broken down into its smaller segments? Our Trivia Tuesday Logo Spotter thinks great professional logo design should really be recognisable even when in pieces (or seen just out of the corner of your eye). I will give you one to get you started WWF


Can you guess what logos the following five segments comes from?

Lego logo spotter

Twitter Logo Spotter

WWF logo spotter

Please comment to let us know your guesses!

We’ll be doing this weekly, on Tuesdays, from now on so if you have a logo you’d like to submit, you can send it to us via our Facebook page or tweet it to us @thelogocompany using the hash tags #triviatuesday and/or #logospotter 

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