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Outdoorsy logo design. A man dressed in green is standing in the forest looking around.

Outdoorsy logo design is not a new concepts. Your brand’s logo is more than just a pretty image that sits above your company name. It’s a reflection of your brand. The right logo can make a strong impression on potential customers and should give them a good sense of what your business is all about. The two most important factors of an effective logo are the design and the colors that you use. It’s easy to understate the importance of choosing the right color, but it’s more critical than most people realize. Choosing the wrong color can be jarring for potential customers and could cost you business. The right colors, on the other hand, will seem as natural as breathing.

In this blog, we’re going to focus on outdoorsy logo design, including the effects of good nature logo design and the ideal colors you should use.

Transporting The Customer From The City to the Outdoors

People are attracted to “nature businesses,” in part because they spend such little time in the great outdoors. With more and more people living in cities, the opportunity for outdoorsy businesses to generate profit is massive. However, in order to do that, businesses must evoke the aura and atmosphere of nature.

You might know how in-tune with nature your business is, but the people in the cities won’t. Your logo is an effective way to make your potential customers connect you with the great outdoors. Ultimately, the goal is to use your logo to metaphorically transport your customers from their urban environment to your natural environment. They should get a little slice of the outdoors by looking at your logo.

Easier said than done? Maybe. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, then get in touch with us here at The Logo Company, and we’ll ensure that you get a logo that perfectly suits your brand.

When is An Outdoorsy Logo Design Appropriate?

A logo has to make sense for the brand. So when is an outdoorsy logo design appropriate? Whenever the brand is closely linked to nature and the outdoors. Check out these three examples below.


Do you run a campsite? Then outdoor green logos are the way to go, especially if your business name doesn’t include the words ‘campsite’ or ‘camping.’ A simple logo featuring a green tent and an image of the scenery of your campsite (trees, mountains, sea) will let your potential customers know exactly what you offer, all in one neat logo that uses natures own colors.

Healthy Food

You don’t necessarily need to operate in the great outdoors to have an outdoorsy logo. There’s a huge demand for healthy food at the moment. If you’re using all-natural ingredients in your food products, then it’s recommended to evoke nature in your brand logo. People may be consuming your products in the city, but your logo will help to connect them to the natural world.


Outdoor Activities

If you operate an outdoor activities business, then your logo should combine a sense of the outdoors and adventure. You may elect to have a minimalist image of the activity that you offer


(for example, a bicycle) with a nature background depicting mountains, trees, and other staples of the natural world.

Ideal Colors for A Natural Logo

As we’ve said, it’s not just the image that you select that will impact the quality of your logo. The colors that you choose will, too. The colors you select will impact the entire look and feel of the logo, so it’s important to get things right. It won’t make sense to have a bright red logo if you’re trying to evoke the woods. So what colors work? It’s all about using the colors that you found out in nature. Green, brown, and blue shades all work especially well.

Keeping Your Outdoorsy Logo On-Brand

Ultimately, an effective logo will be one that’s kept on-brand. When you’re running an outdoorsy business, your brand isn’t just the services or products that you offer; it’s also nature itself. It should be far removed from the sleek and futuristic logos that city and tech companies use. It should evoke your business and the natural world. What should you avoid in a logo?  

How the Logo Company Can Help You

Do you need a quality logo for your brand? Then The Logo Company can help. Our in-house team of expert designers will work with you to create a custom-made logo that helps to set your company apart from the competition. To get started, simply click the ‘Being Your Order’ button at the top of this page or fill out the form on our ‘Contact’ page.

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