Sunny Side Up: How To Design Captivating Summer Logos

The nights are getting longer, temperatures warmer and the drinks cooler! Summer is just around the corner! If you’re a company looking to capture this vibrant and invigorating essence through your brand, a summer logo could be the perfect solution. See our video find your more. Find out more about how to design such summer logos. Explore how you could benefit from this captivating design approach!

Different pictures that are depicting a summer feeling such as a beach, sunset or ice cream

Summer Logos: A fit for your business?

When starting to design your summer logo, you first need to think about your brand personality . Whether such a logo design suits your business. Summer logos are vibrant, refreshing, and evoke a sense of excitement. They capture the essence of the season, with its sunny days, beach trips, and outdoor sports. For example, if you’re running a business that specializes in offering leisure activities during the summer months, such summer logo could be a perfect fit for you. Whether it’s organizing beach volleyball tournaments, offering surf lessons or hosting lively outdoor events. Take the chance to show it in your logo design. This can then become the visual representation of the unforgettable moments that your business wants to depict for your customers. 

Operating within the travel industry also presents a great opportunity to benefit from a summer-inspired logo. By incorporating such a design, you can tap into the powerful emotional connection people have with their annual summer vacations and memories of long days spent on the beach. After all, who doesn’t love reliving the unforgettable moments from their last holiday?

Elements of Summer Logos

When starting your logo design, certain elements such as colors, iconography and typography come to mind that help convey the spirit of summertime. By combining these things thoughtfully, your summer logo design will effortlessly communicate the joy. Even relaxation, and adventurous spirit that represent this time of the year!


First, colors play an important role in capturing the essence of summer in a logo design. As we said before, it’s all about embracing vibrant and lively hues that reflect the energy and warmth of the season. To depict that, tones of yellows that bring to mind the warm rays of sunshine. Perhaps, the blues that remind you of clear skies and refreshing waters can be an option. Just like the logo of They decided to go with these two colors to promote their travel business, along with some orange. The chosen color combination effectively captures the essence of the travel company. Enticing potential customers to book their dream vacation through them.

vip vaca

Green on the other hand can evoke lush landscapes and the beauty of the flourishing nature around that time. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of tropical colors like oranges, pinks, and purples for that playful and exotic feel. Just as The Hawaiian Heist did in their summer logo. They have integrated the typical hawaii shirt pattern into their lettering. So, don’t shy away from embracing a palette of vibrant colors in your own logo design!

hawaiian heist

Symbols & Iconography

But not only colors are relevant when it comes to summer logos. Symbols and iconography also play a crucial role. These visual elements can help to create an immediate connection and convey the desired message to your target audience. Whether it’s a stylized sun representing warmth and energy, a palm tree symbolizing tropical destinations. Even waves evoking the beach and water activities, each symbol adds depth and meaning to your logo. The logo of Leisure Slacking is a great example of how to effectively incorporate symbols to evoke a vacation feeling. In this case, a palm tree was integrated into the first letter of the name. This immediately creates a connection to tropical destinations without overpowering the overall design

fierecly slacking

But you can also make use of other symbols like seashells. Perhaps, flip-flops, ice cream cones, and other summer-related icons. However, keep in mind that these should correctly depict the core of your business, otherwise this could lead to confusion.


Lastly, typography is an important factor to consider when designing your summer logo. You can consider typography that incorporates elements of tropical or floral patterns for example. These fonts often feature decorative elements such as leaves, flowers, or exotic motifs. Adding a touch of exoticism and capturing the essence of summertime. For a more nostalgic and retro vibe, you can explore typography styles inspired by the 1960s or 1970s. These fonts can bring a sense of nostalgia. Evoking memories of past summer adventures and adding a unique charm to your logo.

I’m on Beercation also wants to make use of these associations and has chosen a retro typeface in their logo. With choosing such typeface, I’m on Beercation effectively captures the spirit of summertime and creates an inviting and engaging logo that resonates with beer enthusiasts seeking a unique travel experience.


However, you should remember that the typography you choose should align with your brand identity and overall design. It’s essential to strike a balance between legibility and creativity. Ensuring that your font enhances the message of your summer logo.

Wrapping it up: What to keep in mind when designing your summer logo

As you can see, there are some things worth considering before starting to design your summer logo. Keep in mind the color choice, typography and the symbols you want to incorporate. These should always align with your brand. You should also consider the industry in which you operate. While summer logos might work well for travel, hospitality, or leisure-related businesses, they might not be suitable for other industries. Check out some loving New York summer tips. 


If you find yourself still unsure about how your next summer logo could look or need assistance in the design process, The Logo Company is here to help. Our team of experts can guide you in creating a captivating summer logo that represents your business best. Feel free to check out our blog post for more information on what it’s like to be a client at The Logo Company, and we’ll be happy to bring the summer to your logo design!

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