To Protect and Serve: Marketing and Branding Your Home Security Business

A key in the door. Branding your security company requires good reviews.

The need to feel safe and protected is a consumer’s peace of mind when it comes to owning a home. They are able to fulfill this need through the means of a home security system. Consumers turn to home security companies to protect not only their personal belongings but a sense of safety. Home security businesses can also monitor a home’s risk for fire and other harmful substances like carbon monoxide.

Many consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to who they want to receive service from. With so many options available to them, it can become overwhelming for them to find the best company to fit their needs. This is why your home security business needs the smartest and most effective marketing and branding strategies in the industry. You want to set yourself apart from the rest.

Four little houses in a row. One is blue and has a padlock inside it. Branding your home security can be easy if you plan it right

Marketing Your Home Security Business

Moderate and Manage a Review Platform

One of the first marketing strategies you should incorporate is a review and referral system. Before families can trust your business, they want to see that other families put their trust in you. Confirm accounts on major review platforms such as Yelp and Google Business so you can start building a following. Then, encourage your clients to write reviews and respond to positive and negative ones regularly to show you care about feedback. Positive and consistent reviews will also ensure that you remain popular in search engine optimization.


Maintain a Seamless Website for User-Friendliness

Once you have built a strong review platform, you will want to continue that momentum with creating a strong online presence. In a millennial driven world, consumers are looking online for companies. They want to find their services at the convenience of their fingertips. Your home security website should include pertinent information that potential clients will use to determine if they will call you for a consultation. Be sure that your website includes the following:

Services you provide

Contact information
Having this information is important for your current and potential clients. This is typically the first line of communication you have with them. Providing all of this information in a seamless way online is a good way to keep your customers interested.

Be Unique From the Competition

It is also helpful that you offer unique services in comparison to your competitors on the market. Since home security companies provide similar services, you have to come up with a unique offering for your potential clients. They want to see why you are different from your competition. This may include bundle packages that make it easier for clients to save money and receive a variety of services. You can also offer fire alarm monitoring or cloud storage service for video monitoring.

Branding Your Home Security Business

Social Media Presence

Social media is a great platform for any business to create a strong, online presence. Being able to send information out with just a push of a button makes it easy to promote your brand. Home security businesses can send out promotions via social media and attract potential clients with appealing discounts.

To build a relationship online, you can also engage with your followers through your social media accounts. Send out pictures of your technicians installing equipment outside a home. This shows the world that you are a real company, who has real technicians, installing real equipment. Giving your following a sense of your personality and service is a great way to show them you are a caring business.

Weekly or Monthly Email Communications

Once you have attracted customers and installed service, it would be a good idea to send them monthly newsletters via email. You can give them tips on keeping their homes safe as well as updates on other services they may be interested in. This consistent line of communication helps to build rapport with your clients, giving them a sense of confidence in maintaining their contract with you. 

Sending them confirmation emails for their payments are also great ways to show transparency. Customers can file these electronically to stay organized and you have helped streamline that process for them.

Keep your marketing consistent

Branding your Home Security business is about keeping a positive image for your business. Be sure to check in on your clients by offering service check-ups. Offering these services at no cost shows your customers that you care about providing consistent and quality service. Also, keep your business’ monitoring services in accordance with what you promise your customers.

Be available for technical support and guidance 24/7 as security and safety does not end between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. If you say you will deliver good service, stick to it and your brand will always continue to grow.

A little family in front of a house. Branding your home security relies on you being professional and that you know your stuff

Creating a Logo for Your Home Security Business

Security logos are important for any business because it is a visual representation of your business’ values and mission. For your home security business, the type of logo you use can mean the difference between signing a contract and having a client look elsewhere. Your logo for a security business should have an image that aligns with your company name and/or what you offer. Big brands are recognizable by their logos more than their names. This is a representation of their influence on the consumer market. Your goal is to create a logo that leaves an imprint in your customer’s minds. You also want to leave a mark that recognizable by other potential customers. Logo placement can also be strategic in how you brand your home security business. All products, signage and communications (paper and electronic) should be imprinted with your logo. The more chances you have to leave your logo for people to see the better.

Conclusion in branding  your Home Security business 

In conclusion, branding a home security business can be a very profitable one. You provide safety and confidence to consumers and they, in turn, continue business with you. However, without the proper marketing and branding strategies in place, your business can quickly fall through the cracks of visibility. By incorporating these strategies, you can be certain that your home security business will thrive. Here is a list from Forbes where you can look at successful home security businesses

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