Add A Little Sparkle To Your Festive Logo

Why Have A Festive Logo

Well, of course it’s up to you but having a festive logo can help your brand connect with your audience on an emotional level. For me, festive logos can convey a sense of warmth, joy and celebration, which align with the traditional values of the festive season. You want to feel warm and loved.

For your company, using a festive logo can also help your brand stand out during the holiday season, amidst the barrage of marketing messages that people receive during this time. Why not take advantage of the loving feeling. 


Ultimately, a festive logo can reinforce your brand identity and help build loyalty among existing customers. However, also attracting new customers. Like for example, some new customers who are in the festive mood and looking for a brand they can relate to. So that is you, of course. Having a festive logo is a fun and creative way to show your brand’s personality and engage with your customers on a more personal level. Crucially, a  great opportunity to show everyone more of your creative side.


In this blog we will discuss the following :

  • Typical colors and fonts in festive logos
  • Sales potential
  • Famous festive Christmas logos
  • The cost of a festive logo design 
  • Other considerations and wrapping up for the holidays

Typical Festive Logo Colors

Not surprisingly, there are a few colors that are typically associated with Christmas and often used in festive logos. Of course, the most classic colors are red and green, which symbolize holly berries and evergreen trees. Furthermore, these colors are often paired with white or gold accents to add a touch of sparkle and sophistication. It is always important to consider color emotions and associations that some people have. 


Other popular color combinations include blue and silver, which create a winter wonderland vibe, and red and gold, which evoke a sense of luxury and elegance. Some modern interpretations of Christmas colors incorporate shades of pink, purple, and turquoise for a more playful and whimsical feel.


The most important thing is that the colors evoke a sense of warmth, joy, and celebration.

Typical Festive Fonts

Typical festive logo fonts are often script or serif fonts with decorative elements and flourishes. Script fonts are popular for the holidays because they can convey a sense of elegance and sophistication, while also appearing festive and celebratory. Serif fonts are also commonly used for their classic and refined look.


Additionally, designers may incorporate holiday-themed motifs such as snowflakes, ornaments, and wreaths into the fonts themselves. Some common festive fonts include “Lobster” for its elegant yet fun script design, “Great Vibes” for its beautiful cursive style, and “Bodoni” for its refined and traditional look. When choosing a festive logo font, it’s important to consider the brand’s personality, as well as the desired holiday aesthetic.

Will A Christmas Logo Increase Sales

A Christmas logo can help increase sales, but it depends on several factors. The effectiveness of a Christmas logo will depend on the type of business, the target audience, and how well the logo is designed and implemented. For example, a Christmas logo may be effective for a retail or eCommerce business that sells products related to the holiday season.


However, if the logo is poorly designed or does not resonate with the target audience, it may not have the intended impact. Additionally, other factors such as marketing strategy, pricing, and product offerings will also influence sales. In summary, while a Christmas logo may help increase sales, it is just one aspect of a larger marketing strategy and should be considered in conjunction with other tactics.

Famous Companies With Festive Christmas Logos

Starbucks Christmas logo is the classic mermaid with a santa hat

During the holiday season, many companies change their logos to reflect the festive spirit. Some of the famous companies with festive Christmas logos include Coca-Cola, who are known for their iconic Santa Claus image. This year 2023, however AI and Coca-Cola have teamed up when it comes to creativeness.


Let’s also mention, Starbucks holiday cups. Normally features a red cup with a holiday design. Of course, Google, who creates a new doodle each year for the holiday season. Other companies, such as Amazon, use festive imagery like snowflakes or Christmas trees in their logos.


In conclusion, these changes to logos show that these companies prioritize celebrating the holiday season with their customers. Also making an effort to spread holiday cheer. Festive logos are a fun and creative way for companies to engage with their audience and create a joyful atmosphere during this joyful period.

How Much Does A Temporary Festive Logo Cost

Not sure about all the other design companies but I know they charge anything from thousands of dollars to a fiver. On the other hand the cost of a logo from The Logo Company is $199. For this you will get five different talented designers to draw your festive logo and your initial logo designs will be with you in the next 3 working days.


Not bad, I know. You can of course, revise as many times as you like and we never get tired of following your request (it’s true). Once you are entirely happy with your design then we will prepare all the different formats that you would possibly need. Easy ordering process and finishing result is stunning. 


If you would like to order social media files then that’s easy to. 

Making One Yourself For Christmas - Consider this

First of all, keep it simple and avoid overcrowding the logo with too many elements. A clean design will be more recognizable and memorable. Once you have your design, use a high-quality graphics program to create the logo in a variety of sizes and file formats for use on different platforms.

Your Social Media For The Festive Season

Skyline over New York City with The Logo Company Christmas Logo

More importantly, the festive season is an important time for taking advantage of social media. Never forget that. Most of all, updating sparkles to your social media accounts offers businesses an opportunity to connect with their customers in new and creative ways. One way to do this is through content curation, sharing holiday-themed images. Even, videos and posts that bring a smile to your audience’s face. Try to get some kind of emotion and reaction from your customer. Well, in a positive way of course. Feelings of warmth and happiness are good ones. 


Another effective strategy is to run holiday promotions, sales, and contests that allow your customers to engage with your brand online and drive traffic to your website. One thing that I have noticed when it comes to Christmas sales is that not all companies are that interesting. Not to everyone wants to start a new company at Christmas. Nor  book a dental appointment (if you are trying to promote a dental clinic).


Scheduling And Planning Your Social Media 

Always make sure to schedule your posts in advance and plan out a cohesive visual theme to ensure your social media pages stand out in a crowded marketplace. Your work will be easier if you have a strategic plan.

Most importantly, remember to be authentic, genuine, and heartfelt in your communications, as the holiday season is about more than just making sales. More about forming lasting connections with your audience. Do it with your heart involved. To be passionate about your business will make a difference in social media and in sales. 

Hiring A Professional Designer To Get A Perfect Christmas Logo

I would always recommend hiring a professional designer to create a Christmas logo. Why? Well, it is crucial because it ensures that the design is visually appealing, unique, and aligned with the company’s brand message. More so, the designer will have expertise in creating logos that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have a high impact on the target audience.


Talented designers like mine will consider various factors such as color, font, and image choice to create a cohesive festive logo that effectively communicates the company’s message. Do consider that a professional designer will also save time and resources by working efficiently and providing a high-quality design in a timely manner.


Moreover, a well-designed logo will enhance the company’s brand recognition, which will result in increased customer loyalty and ROI. Therefore, hiring a professional designer to create a perfect Christmas logo is a worthwhile investment that will yield long-term benefits. Take it from me after 23 years in business! 

Wrapping Up For The Holidays

So, in conclusion, the holiday season is finally here, and it’s time to wrap up the year with some festivities and cheer. One way to spread the joy is by incorporating a cheerful Christmas logo into your branding. Understandably, a well-designed Christmas logo can convey the warmth and excitement of the holiday season, while also giving your brand a fresh and festive look.


There are several ways to create a holiday logo for your brand. You could opt for a traditional design, for instance, featuring a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowflakes, or anything that evokes the holiday spirit. Alternatively, you could create a more modern, minimalist logo that incorporates holiday colors, like red and green, or metallic shades.


Whatever your preference, it’s important to ensure that your logo stays true to your brand’s identity and message. With the right design, a Christmas logo can help attract more customers, increase brand recognition, and spread the holiday cheer. So what are you waiting for?



Merry Christmas From Us At The Logo Company 



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