Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Oval Logo Design

Finally we have arrived at oval logo design! Previously, we have discussed the 10 most popular logo shapes and the one that is missing is the oval shape. Last week we talked about the trendy blob shape,. However blobs are not for everyone so if you’re looking to give your business a classic and enduring look, consider the oval shape for your logo.

But what is there to know about oval logo design? 

The Origins Of Oval Shaped Logo

Actually, did you know that the oval shape has been a popular choice for logos for over a century? Mostly so in the car industry. It has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s when car manufacturers used an oval-shaped badge to represent their brand on the car’s radiator. Since then, this design has been utilized by numerous companies, including some of the most iconic brands such as Ford, and Avon.

Another sector that historically use oval shape design are sports-related logos. Most of all to evoke the feeling of stadiums and arenas where sports events take place. More importantely, the shape is not limited to only sport and car sector but has also come to symbolize quality engineering and innovation. Making it a timeless choice for brands that span a variety of industries.

5 Advantages Of Oval Logo Design In Comparison With Circular Shapes

Well, circular logo shapes  are smooth, balanced and offers visual harmony in many ways, but the oval shape has a few advantages over the eternal circle. 

1. First of all it makes better use of space: Oval logos can better utilize space than circular shapes. Mostly because, the elongated shape provides more horizontal space to incorporate text or graphics.


2. Secondly, it gives a unique look: For example, oval logos offer a unique shape that is not as commonly seen as circular logos. This can possibly help a brand stand out and be more memorable. Especially when branding yourself


3. Third one up, ovals imply stability: Actually conveying a sense of stability and reliability, which can help build trust in a brand image.


4. Versatility: Oval logos can easily adapt to different sizes and orientations, making them more versatile than circular logos. For instance, you can bend them and re-size them easily. 


5. Lastly, professional appearance: Well, the elongated shape of oval logos gives them a more professional appearance than circular logos, which can often seem more playful. This if of course, subject to taste as your opinion is the only one that matters. 

Color Choices

Here, you are really only limited by your own imagination. Any color would look great in an oval shape, I believe. After all, when it comes to colors, it’s important that you pick one or a few that you like. Therefore, take a look at the color emotion guide to make sure you are fairly representing your brand. Of course, color choices for an oval logo design vary depending on the brand’s message and audience.  Let’s take blue, for example, ideal for corporate and financial brands. Furthermore the green is ideal for farm logos, environmental, and health-related ones.

Above all, the passionate red would more be for cars, fashion, and food brands. Another bright funny color, yellow. Definetely more for fun loving people. Frosted colors, that is to say pale pastel colors, often look effective in an oval shape. Last example, orange. Ultimately for technology and sports-related brands. More so, the color choice should reflect the brand’s values, personality, and objectives while considering the impact on the target audience.

Companies Leading the Way In Oval Logo Design

As you can guess, oval logos have always been a popular choice for certain companies looking to create a professional and memorable brand identity.


Here are two companies that I picked out that are leading the way in oval logo design:


First out, the Ford oval logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. More so, it was created in 1903 by the co-founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford. Initially, the logo was a script-style lettering that spelled out “Ford Motor Co.” However, in 1907, the company decided to switch to the well-known blue oval.

Interestingly, the exact origin of the oval shape is unclear, but it is believed to have been inspired by the shape of a world map. As Ford expanded its business to other countries, it wanted a logo that would be easily recognized worldwide. Furthermore, the blue color was chosen because it was a symbol of reliability and trustworthiness.

Over time, the logo has undergone several modifications to keep up with the changing times while still maintaining its original identity. However, the oval shape and the blue color have remained constant, making it a timeless emblem of the Ford brand.

Land Rover

Above all, I think of the color green and English landscapes when I think of Land Rover. More importantly, Land Rovers oval logo was introduced in 1950, but its origins can be traced back to the very beginning of the Land Rover brand. Furthermore, the logo was designed by engineer and artist, Edward B. Gordon, who was also responsible for designing the original Land Rover.


Interestingly, the oval shape of the logo was chosen because it was considered a strong, simple shape that would be easy to recognize from a distance. Well, one can say they succeeded very well in achieveing that. The design was, almost unwittingly, created to represent the company’s heritage, quality, and capability. Today, the oval logo is still used by Land Rover and is recognized worldwide as a symbol of ruggedness and adventure. 

Our Own Oval Shaped Creations

An elephant in ornage with huge tusks on a green background. Native Transports Oval Logo Design.

A favorite of mine is the logo we created for Native Transport a few years ago. Most of all the shape and the color combination just works perfectly together. Looking at it you can see that the design is subtle but memorable and the first thing you notice are the colors. 

Orange and green are a bold and refreshing color combination. Noticing that the bright and vibrant qualities of both colors work well together and create a sense of energy and excitement.  According to our color guide , orange is associated with warmth, joy, and creativity. On the other hand, green is linked to nature, growth, and balance.

When combined, the result is a dynamic and harmonious blend of colors that can be used to add interest and depth to any design or decor scheme. Surprisingly, this pairing can be calming or energizing, depending on the shades used, making it a versatile combination for any setting

In short, the oval shape of the logo makes it easy to add a fat font and make it versatile on all sorts of marketing material. 

Blue Oval Logos

For instance, its not a coincidence that a lot of people use blue in oval shaped designs. Normally, its already a popular color, associated with trustworthiness. Additionally, oval shapes are often used in logos to convey a sense of stability and familiarity.


Furthermore, these qualities may be especially important for brands that are targeting a broad audience or seeking to establish themselves as industry leaders. By using the color blue in an oval shape, brands may be able to reinforce these positive associations and create a sense of credibility.

Paw in hand oval logo design shape. A hand is reaching out to dog's paw
power shine oval shaped design . A power tool putting water on the yellow font power shine
A football in the middle of the design surrounded by mountains and stars.

Tips! Remember that the effectiveness of any color or shape in a logo will ultimately depend on the context and other elements of the design.

Conclusion In Oval Shaped Logo

Now you know a lot more about oval logo design and the shape. So, you know that creating an oval logo is an impactful way to strengthen your brand and build trust with your clients. By carefully selecting typography, colors, and icons, your business can craft a unique and memorable brand identity. Why not embrace the power of an oval-shaped logo and watch as it helps your business grow and thrive. Lots of companies have successfully tried the oval shape so why don’t you?

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