You Can Design Your Own Logo… But Should You?

The proliferation of computer graphics software available to the general public has created the illusion that all one needs is a computer, some cool fonts and a photo editing app and, TA-DA!
They are a graphic designer.


Programs like Photoshop, which used to be the province of professional designers, are increasingly being used by average people for everything from cropping family photos and making cat collages to small businesses creating flyers and websites. It leads people to believe they can just do it themselves. That might be okay for a basic flyer layout, but designing a logo is very much more of a science than people may realize. A cool font is not a logo. Fonts are generally open source programs available to everyone.

A logo is a symbol, unique to your company, that says a lot at a glance, and the most effective logo designs do it without words. Even common shapes like a star can become iconic when incorporated into a design correctly and creatively. And therein lies the problem with do it yourself logo design.


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should try to come up with your own logo design.
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should try to come up with your own logo design.


What is missing from nearly all these would be designers’ efforts?


They are inevitably too close to their own work or service to see it without an emotional attachment. They know what that symbol means – it is obvious to them. But someone seeing the home made logo for the first time, may not get it.


A professional designer is able to convey the vision of the company to people who often have no idea what the company does. A logo must capture their attention immediately and in such a way as to be creative while still achieving the purpose of the design, which is creating an instantly recognizable identity. The swift and graceful Nike Swoosh, McDonald’s Golden Arches with their crown like halo effect, the UPS Shield – solid, secure, dependable.



All these logos share another quality: They are versatile.


Great logos are effective as solid, one color images. They can easily be scaled with no loss in quality and be utilized for the widest variety of media. They can be embossed, embroidered, screen printed, and now they can be 3-D printed or laser cut for displays, signage, lighting… the list of potential uses for which an effective logo design can be applied must be considered from the start.


As professional logo designers, we respect the emotional attachment and pride a business owner feels for their logo. At The Logo Company, we want to bring that personal vision to life for you in the most cost effective way possible, and produce the results you are looking for in both form and function.


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