How a logo can take your small business to the next level

Most small businesses will have a limited budget, particularly if they are just starting out, and so may try to design a logo themselves, or simply not bother with one. This is a mistake. The money you save in the short term from not having your logo professionally designed, may well cost you in the long run. Ultimately it comes down to the importance of branding.


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No matter the size of your business, branding is unavoidable. Every interaction your company has with its consumers gives them an impression of who you are. It is important to take control of this interaction by clearly identifying your brand and communicating it to your customers. This is where a professionally designed logo comes in.


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A logo is a visual representation of the brand and is often the first exposure a potential consumer has to a company. A logo is also an identifier for your brand. It should be on everything, from stationery to marketing materials to the products themselves. The moment someone sees that image they should be able to connect it to your business.


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If you are a coffee shop on a street full of coffee shops, your logo can tell all those thirsty potential customers why your coffee shop is the one for them. Perhaps it’s your exceptional customer service; perhaps it’s your exotic blends or your use of only organic produce; perhaps it´s your homemade muffins made fresh every morning. Your logo is the way to shout your unique selling point and stand out from the crowd.


(Images from The Logo Company design portfolio)


Why you should have your logo professionally designed

A professional graphic designer has the skills necessary to distil your brand into a single visual representation of your identity. The design will be unique and tailored to your exact needs. No clipart or rip-offs of famous logos. With your input the designer will hand draw a distinctive image just for you.


A professional logo designer also knows how to create a design that will work on multiple forms of media, from stationery to marketing materials to product packaging. If you need a design that works as well on a t-shirt as on a business card, a professional graphic designer has the experience to create it.


A professional designer will use the very best design software to create a high quality vector image. This means no pixels. Whether the design is on a 4” x 6” postcard or a 4’ x 6’ bill board, the image will be crisp and clear with no loss of detail or quality.


Finally, think of your logo as an investment for your business. Consider what you spend now against the potential return you will get further down the line. And a professional logo design doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to end up with the perfect logo for your small business.

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